2 June 2015

Wassen Collagen Drink | Beauty

Today's post is something quite new I'm trying out, which is the Wassen Collagen Drink*. I don't usually try out supplements because I find them very expensive and question whether they are actually worth it. However I was recently sent 10 of these little sachets to try out. 

This drink includes Peptan® hydrolysed collagen, 100mg Vitamin C, 15mg Vitamin E and 2mg of Manganese. Peptan ® hydrolysed collagen supports:-
  • Younger-looking skin
  • Moisture levels
  • Smoothness
  • Prevention of deep wrinkle formation
  • Improved suppleness
  • Bone density
  • Joint health
  • Post-exercise recovery
  • Weight control (as satiating macronutrient)
I guess the key areas of interest for me is younger looking skin, smoothness and post-exercise recovery. I used to have horrific acne and it has really taken it's toll on my skin which ages me quite dramatically so I'm quite keen to see whether a product like this could help improve my skins appearance. The packet advises you to take one sachet a day for at least 4 weeks but preferably 8 weeks, however I have a quite generous sample of 10 days which I still thought I would be able to see an improvement in my skin.

The Results

I really wasn't expecting to see much of a change in my skin if I'm honest, I'm always a little skeptical of these types of drinks, however the Wassen Collagen Drink is a game changer for me. Honestly, from day 3 I started noticing a difference in my skin, it just looked a little plumper and a little brighter. I was so impressed and the other thing was that other people started to notice my skins overall appearance was looking better. 

After 10 days but skin looked amazing. I was really surprised how this little collagen drink worked for me. My cheeks looked fuller and my over all skin appearance just looked so much smoother. These drinks just taste of orange, it isn't unpleasant but hardly delicious but they are very easy to add into your morning routine. I simply emptied the entire sachet into a mug of water and had it in the morning at my desk in work. 

I am thrilled with the effcetiveness of the Wassen Collagen drink and it's a bargain price at £19.99, it's definitely worth a purchase. 

Have you tried any Wassen products before? 

*PR Sample, however all views are my own

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