21 February 2016

Ditta Artigianale | Food

Today's post is probably technically more just a drink post as opposed to Food but you know when you're in Italy food always comes with the drink so we'll run with that theme. Also, again picture quality is poor, soz!

Recently I went to a bar called Ditta Artigianale, which is probably more known for it's coffee as opposed to anything else or at least that's what the internet tells me, but the reason we came here is because I've also heard they do the best gin cocktails and drinks. Back in England, I'd rarely have Gin because it can be very bitter which isn't nice but, if I'm going to a place that actually does a variety of different gin based drinks then surely it should be good...and it bloody was. 

The bar was really nice, it definitely had quite a relaxed vibe about it, if this were in England I'd definitely say that it would be in Shoreditch or somewhere like that. The place was pretty busy but we managed to grab a seat in the corner of the bar and was pretty comfortable, as soon as you order you are given a giant bag of crisps which you can kinda see in the background of one of my pictures and this is why I bloody love drinking in Florence, there is always food! But that brings me onto another point, all the crisps are just salted, like even in the supermarket, there's no cheese and onion or salt and vinegar, weird but it's fine.

The cocktail menu, which I forgot to photograph, wasn't really that big , again it had a hand picked selection of drinks and to be fair all of them sounded great. The one I had was Imagin,  which was served as you can see, but the mixer was like an elder flower mixer and was delicious. I loved that the glass had lots of berries in it with a slice or orange and lemon. It was so refreshing and not at all bitter. After the drinks arrived we then also received those tasty little nibbles, going from left to right, the first one is like an anchovies topped bread with peppers as well, in the middle is some delicious beef tartar on a very thin bit of bread like a cracker drizzled with a little olive oil and the last nibble was an odd one. Like I think it was cheese with poppy seed and mind also had nuts in it somewhere, very unusual but delicious all the same. The bill came to 22EUR each, that 11EUR for all the delicious nibbles and drink each, I think that's a bloody bargain. 

What's you favourite drink?  


  1. The drinks and the food look really good! I usually have cucumber with my Gin, that makes it taste less bitter. x

    1. Oh that's definitely a great thing to add into a gin drink!xx