14 February 2016

Long distance friendships | Lifestyle

This post is inspired by a couple of pals who came to visit me recently!

As you know, I'm in Italy, I have some great work colleagues and I have THE best roommates but I can't help but miss all my buddies in the UK! Sometimes I've found it really hard in the evenings because there isn't a massive amount I can do by myself. I know I can call or text but I must admit I can be a little rubbish at remembering to text people, you end up getting so wrapped up in your own little life that things get lost but in all honesty I just think that's part of growing up!

I do have a couple of pals that I can waffle on about utter rubbish with but more often then not I reach out because I genuinely care about how they are doing. For me I love those little moments where you see something and it makes you think of someone else and you have to message them instantly because they would just get it. It can be a little hard when I don't have a regular Internet connection or I'm just busy at work, I end up on missing some conversations which means that I've gotta go old school and text...Yeah shocking isn't it, to actually text in this day and age! The thing that I love about being out here is you value these interactions so much more and it doesn't even matter that you might not get a response the same hour or even in the same day, it just matters that the person is there regardless of location! 

I love having people come to visit beacuse when they arrive it's almost as if there has been no distance between us at all, we can just sit there chatting about whatever over a few cocktails and we could almost be anywhere. I've found it's really not that bad being away from everyone because it's not like I can't ever speak to them, in fact some people I probably message more than I did when I was back in the UK.

I had the best weekend with my pals, we ate, we drank, I gate crashed their hotel room! I might not get to see them for dinner and drinks after work anymore but I'm so lucky because I get to have mini breaks and holidays throughout the year with them. I'll hopefully be planning a little trip to Barcelona with a few of them in the summer which I can't wait for. Now, if only I could find a away of keeping all of them here with me all the time, or put them in my pocket or something...

Have you got many pals that live in different locations to you?


  1. Some of my best friends live in Spain and Australia whilst I live in London, it can be hard going from seeing them quite often to seeing them once every few months. But I'm so glad things like skype and whatsapp exist, it makes it so much easier to keep up with their lives and feel a bit closer to them :) x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    1. Ah I completely agree, where would we be without the internet and these great apps ay?xx