5 June 2016

Koko, Florence | Food

I know what you're thinking, why is there only one food picture? In all honestly I hadn't intended writing this blog post until I was thinking about those noodles like a week later, my god they were good!

Today's little foodie review is going to be on a Sushi Restaurant called Koko, admittedly I didn't eat the sushi, I'm just not a fan, but I was informed that it was also really good! Basically if food is your then there is one thing you should know about Florence, it's that the Chinese or Thai food isn't great. The  Italians are obviously amazing at cooking Italian food, in fact it's the best food I have ever tasted but any other cuisines and it's just not right. I think this is because you can't get the same ingredients out here, they don't really do noodles, it's pasta like spaghetti! I have tired a couple of places and wasn't impressed.

My roommate Valeria and a couple of her pals were going to Koko for the Sushi and persuaded me to come along because they might have other options, lucky for me they did! I will point out that if you are ever considering going, dress up!! The women looked amazing, we're talking louboutins, Gucci dresses and flawless make up! This being said, myself and the other girls didn't get this memo because we were all kinda smart casual, it didn't matter though! We had a table booked for 10 but I don't think we got seated until about 10:30 the queue was insane but the staff were very apologetic! The really cool thing was that the waiting area was actually in front of the sushi bar where you could see the chefs prepare all of the different dishes, I must admit it did look incredible.

Moving onto the actually food, so I went for chicken noodles which also had a bit of egg in it! My food came out way before everyone else's which meant I kinda had to start mine,  by the time the sushi came I had almost finished my noodles so I kinda wish they had waited until everyone else's showed up! However this isn't a bad review of the restaurant because I actually really loved it! The noodles were cooked perfectly, as you can see they don't add much in terms of sauce but I kinda like that,  sometimes noodles can almost be drowning in soy sauce but you can add your own. There was a lot of flavour and I pretty much ate every last scrap.

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