12 June 2016

30 Random facts | Lifestyle

I saw this post on Alice's blog, I must admit I feel like I struggled a little bit to get 30, I'm not that interesting, but here we go...

1. I was born in London but moved to Essex when I was very young and now I live in Florence, Italy.

2. I can't stand bananas, it's more the smell of them I hate

3. I'm a natural blonde...rare these days I know, even though everyone thinks I dye my hair

4. I have been to 6 different countries this year and only one of them was for a little weekend break all the rest have been with work

5. My favourite flowers ever are hydrangeas, they're so big and pretty and I love them in any colour.

6. I have a slight (very slight) lisp, that I only realised I had about 2 years ago, it stressed me out quite a bit but now I'm just like whatevs

7. I moved to Italy without ever visiting before

8. I like walking up tall buildings, the view is always amazing and gives you a different perspective.

9. I have a slightly addictive personality and get into routines really easily

10. I never go a day without wearing eyeliner and mascara, I have very blonde eyelashes and quite large eyes I look like a bit of an alien without it

11. I literally adore flying, as soon as I break through the clouds, that's my happy place because literally nothing else matters, you are just there, it's hard to explain

12. I am the worst person when it comes to watching movies, I've seen like 5 in my life. Don't go asking me whether I have seen a film, just assume I haven't.

13. I always wear a thumb ring, however when something life changes happens to me it always breaks and a have to get a new one, it broke my first week of uni, it broke when I moved to Florence  etc  weird huh?

14. I only wear white gold or silver jewellery, I think it looks better against my complexion, I'm pasty as hell

15. I originally started this blog as a beauty blog, but I got bored of my writing with these posts. Though I still love beauty products and buy an unhealthy amount

16. I have a slight phobia of cows, I think it stems from a childhood experience that was quite funny and I know irrational to be scared but they just make me uneasy

17. I'm taking classes to learn how to speak isn't going well, but hey I knew more than what I did 6 months ago, which was zero so it can only get better right?

18. I'm obsessed with cashew nuts and raisins, together!

19. I would love to explore Bali one day

20. I love random documentaries about pretty much anything especially if it is to do about the mind.

21. I'm the worst as surprises and secrets of that nature, when friends rope me in to help out with a surprise party or something I literally cannot look the person in the eye until it's over.

22. I sleep with my curtains open, I like the natural daylight waking me up in the morning

23. Red Hot Chilli Pepper's song Otherside is probably one of my all time favourite songs. But I do also like a lot of random 90's tracks that not everyone remembers or listened too.

24. I used to do karate and was about 2 belts away from black belt before I quit

25. I'm anti drugs, even weed which I know a lot of people do and it's considered a soft drug. I would never have a go at someone for doing drugs though, it's their body but it's just not my thang

26. I bloody love animals, of all kinds, but I mean, who doesn't?

27. I don't have one group of friends, I have random cherry picked pals that are spread all over the place

28. I'm quite secretive about my personal life/feelings, even everything written here isn't that personal, just random

29. I have a degree in journalism, for what it's worth

30. I love bumble bees, not only are they cute with their fuzzy bumbly-ness but also we really need to do more to save our bees.

There we have 30 random facts about me. Tell me one, or several random facts about yourself?


  1. I loved reading those random facts! I also hate bananas and I'm glad I'm not alone as everyone else seems to love them. They smell really gross I think. I also love flying, it also feels like taking a break from the real world and escaping into the sky for a bit. Here are 2 random facts about me: 1. I could eat pasta every day for the rest of me life. 2. I'm a big city girl. xx

    1. Loved your random facts!! I must admit, i'm definitely a city girls at heart too!x

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