19 June 2016

Friendship Break Up | Lifestyle

So a couple of weeks ago you will have seen that I wrote a post on long distance friendships and how lucky I have found myself to have these beautiful friends come visit me but today I kinda wanted to talk about the other side! 

I think I have been very fortunate in the sense that the majority of my friends have stayed exactly how they were when I was back home, of course I see them less but in terms of actually speaking with them it's remained the same if not more frequent now! However I have noticed a difference with the odd one or two!

I guess there are two types of these pals so let's talk about the pal who only appears when they want something! Oh yes, so they have heard that you have moved to Italy and they could really do with a cheap trip, how exciting for them! Like don't get me wrong, I am welcoming so many people to come join me in Florence, if I could have someone every weekend I would, but I find it interesting when it's the ones you literally haven't spoken to or seen for like months all of a sudden want to start talking about old times and how close we were way back when! In all honesty, I wouldn't stop anyone come out here, I'm not the Queen of Florence (yet...) but I mean don't expect me to change my schedule because we couldn't find time to meet when I lived in the same town, I think I might struggle even more so being in another country.

Moving onto the pal who actually forgets you exist, harsh I know! I was actually very surprised by one pal, I literally did so much for and have known years and yet when I moved out here it was almost like I never existed, which at first hurt me a little but I mean, you just can't dwell on these things! I could either continue to feel hurt or look at it from a more honest and realistic angle! Sometimes I think friendships work because they are quite convenient, we all have that one friend who you have known forever and you might meet up with them once every couple of months but as time goes on your realise you are actually very different people and all you ever talk about is stuff that happened in the past! I realised that our friendship was no longer convenient because our lives couldn't be more opposite so I can't blame this individual but I am not gonna waste another second thinking about it!

What are your thoughts on friendship break ups?


  1. I haven't had any harsh friendship break ups. After moving to England all of my friends at home have remained the same and I couldn't feel more blessed! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    1. Yeah I definitely wouldn't say it was a harsh break up I just think it quite interesting how certain friendships change over time and distance! I'm very lucky to still have so many wonderful people in my life xx

  2. I haven't ever moved to another country but I am going through the exact same things right now. Especially the friends who appear when they want something. I totally understand about when you said you did so much for someone and suddenly then they fob you off as if you weren't there at all. My friends have just recently had kids and now I feel like because I don't have a baby, they're suddenly not interested because they can't relate to me.

    I'm glad you still have your true friends though! They are the only ones you will ever need! :)

    Ps. I haven't caught up on your blog for a while but how did moving go?!

    Tania | teabee xxx

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