14 August 2016

Gucci Dionysus Bag | Fashion

I know, it's bloody rare that I write anything fashion related but I guess I was just so excited at buying my first high end luxury purchase that I wanted to share it with you guys.

Now, if you follow a lot of fashion bloggers you will have seen the Gucci Dionysus bag, bloggers bloody love them. However most common ones have the traditional Gucci print on them and they are customisable which is pretty cool but I think it's the horseshoe tiger heads that make this bag immediately recognisable. When I first saw this bag with the Gucci print I was not interested at all, in fact I'm not that much of a Gucci fan I'm more into brands like Alexander McQueen or Saint Laurent, not that have the money to purchase from these brands frequently, but just to give you an idea on my preferences.

My opinions on the Dionysus started to change when I saw in it store, in person, there was just something about the bag that was powerful and yet classy, it's a very structured bag but very versatile. This being said I still wasn't sold on the print and it was fractionally too big! A few weeks after this, I discover this stunning blue suede version and literally fall in love. I definitely have a thing for blue bags, I think it's because I wear so much black I like the contrast of an accessory like this. I also noticed that this was slightly smaller than the standard Dionysus, height 4 cm less, length 2 cm less - so really not much in it but it is still technically the small Dionysus.

I was quite surprised that the chain on the bag was really light, it's a really good thing as a bag like this would be very hard to wear if it was heavy. I tend not to carry a lot around with me, I don't have a purse just a card holder and I tuck any cash I have into that and the change just stays loose so a bag like this is perfect you can actually fit a lot in it providing the items are slim, don't go thinking you'll be able to fit a make up bag in it, if you do it'll look bulky and distort the shape of the bag which would be a waste of money quite frankly. Speaking of'm not going to discuss how much the bag cost me, I mean anyone could easily find the bag online so if you want you can find it out. Though I don't think you can find this particular size in this vintage blue colour on but other online multibrand sellers have it, this is a new release for FW16.

I think because it's suede it should wear quite well providing I look after it, the lining is actually a nubuck leather which is deliciously smooth to touch. I also really like the contrast of textures between the two materials, I think it really brings the piece together.

For me this bag is perfect, I go to a lot of industry events with work and as soon as I get the opportunity it will be out and about. I have been wanting a statement bag for years and at the age of nearly 27 I think I'm entitled to treat myself.

What was your first investment piece?


  1. Om my days, that is GLORIOUS! The colour is amazing and the clasp is - words fail me - just stunning! Enjoy! xx
    x LoveLeah x

    1. Those were my exact same thoughts! Thanks for the comment dear!!xx

  2. This is just beautiful! Loving that clasp and any bag with a chain strap is a winner for me! x

    1. I must admit I do love a chain strap too!!!xx

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