21 August 2016

Lancome Visionnaire Nuit | Beauty

Oh yes, today we are talking about wrinkles as much as it pains me to say I have got a bucket load of wrinkles and it's my birthday soon! Fab! I thought I would share with you my initial thoughts on the Lancome Visionnaire Nuit but let's just give you a bit of background first...

My skin has been through a lot, because I used to have horrific acne I'm quite badly scarred and this had aged my face quite badly so recently I have just felt that I need to do something about it. The thing is, I'm getting into a really good cleansing regime which is great and I'm loving the products I'm using on a daily and weekly basis so I didn't really want to change this so I thought I would opt for a night time product.

There is a pretty massive Sephora in Florence's main station Santa Maria Novella so this is where I go for all my make up and stuff which meant naturally I found myself lingering on the skincare isle. The are SUCH a vast range of anti wrinkle products and it's quite tricky trying to figure out what you need, I didn't need a cream for women who have like 60 year old skin but I wanted something a little more than a glorified moisturiser. After having a chat with the very lovely store assistant I ended up with the Lancome Visionnaire Nuit night cream/oil, now I don't want to talk about the price of which you can easily find online but right now I'm at a stage in my life where I just really want to invest in me, which sounds shallow I know, I know!

After I bought the product I actually read the reviews, which is a little backward I must admit but sometimes (I mean, always) I'm impulsive with purchases so I just went with my gut. The overall feed back was actually really good, a lot of people appear to have said the cream was amazing and people saw results instantly. Even on the box itself it says you can see results from the first night. So I smother myself in the stuff and go to bed expecting to wake up like Blake Lively...unfortunately that did not happen! I mean, it's a cream not a miracle worker. But the second day, I noticed my skin just looking overall smoother, really interesting.

Visionnaire Nuit is a really odd cream, it even comes with a little spoon! I kind of struggled to figure out how much to use so I watched a little tutorial online first. It's more of a gel that when you add to your hands it kind of melts into an oil, very smooth and luxurious! It's definitely a night cream because it doesn't really absorb into your skin very quickly you still feel it present for a while before you fall asleep but I don't mind it. The one thing I will say, which I have noticed other people picked up on as well is the scent. It's pretty bloody strong and a bit of a granny scent if you ask me. Some people said it gave them a headache or that they couldn't sleep, I think that's a tad dramatic but I found that after an hour or so the scent subsided, but it will rub off on your pillows so be aware. Thank god I sleep by myself at the moment is all I can stuff!!!

I have been using it a week and already my forehead looks way smoother, we have to bear in mind that my wrinkles aren't deep just yet so Visionnaire Nuit is a perfect match for me. I have even found myself going out without make up at the weekends just because my skin looks fresher than what it did a couple of weeks ago. This cream won't work on my deep acne scars but for my expression lines on my forehead and around my eyes i'm actually pretty impressed so far. I will actually follow up with my thoughts on this cream after 4 weeks though because apparently that's how long it will take to see full results so keep and eye out.

What anti wrinkle cream do you love?


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