6 November 2016

Girl On The Train | Book

I haven't written about a book for a very long time and I know that Girl On The Train is a book that everyone has read but I have only just got around to it and I kinda wanted to share my thoughts not only on this novel but the hype that surrounds these types of books.

It took me a very long time to pick this up, in fact Girl On The Train I feel was released around the same kind of time as Gone Girl I think and I read Gone Girl, in fact I inhaled the damn thing and loved it! However when I saw Girl On A Train I just felt like it was too similar to the other one for me to be interested even though I know the plots are complete different, like I get that.

The problem is I waited far too long to read the book, everyone told me I should read it and then the film is soon to be released and my god there is just so much hype that I caved and bought it in an airport. I have been told how utterly amazing the book is, my expectations were high but it wasn't only it was that I knew a twist was coming and I knew it was supposed to be great. It was the latter point which ruined the novel for me because with every page I turned I kept thinking oh there's a twist but I know there will be another coming soon so I was literally awaiting for something amazing or shocking to happen.

Let me break it down a bit though, the book is written really bloody well, I simply adored the characters and their darkness. I also really liked that the novel was written from 3 different people's perspectives, I love multiple narratives! The book is good, with other a doubt but I hate it when it gets so over hyped that it takes all the mystery out of it for the reader! I love deep, complex books and in order for them to remain complex you need to keep an air of mystery about it. With Gone Girl I literally had no expectation that it would be that good and when the film came out I had to go an see it just to see the film makers adaptation of it. However I have no urge whatsoever to see Girl On The Train purely because I know what's coming and I believe it'll be filmed in a very similar way to Gone Girl and I just have no need to see it now.

Overall, fantastic book but if you're gonna read it just don't have your expectations too high, stop thinking about the twist and just focus on each page as and when it arrives!

What are your thoughts on cult books? Does the hype ruin or add to your enjoyment?


  1. Hahah I totally inhaled Gone Girl too, such a page turner! I'm currently reading Girl On The Train but I can't seem to get into it fully, I don't know why because I know it will get better! You've spurred me to get the book back out now haha!

    Tania | teabee x

    1. I would definitely say keep reading, it is a bit of a slow burn though xx

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