20 November 2016

Finding the perfect Fragrance | Lifestyle

Fragrance is a tricky one right? I growing up I long to be one of those girls who carries around a little bottle to spritz every now and then but my problem was finding something I actually liked. 

Even when I was young, perfume of some sort would be on my Christmas list and not because I actually liked it or that I had ever smelled it before but because I liked the adverts or it was in Elle magazine and I so desperately wanted to be as sophisticated as the women in Elle. For the first few days of having the perfume I would spray it and then about a week later I would hate it. The problem is I find so many fragrances just to strong and chemically. All the popular fragrances in Boots seemed to smell the same, too sweet or too bitter. My best dear Vernia loves a scent, that girl is always spritzing and always smells incredible, she has a very good nose for scents. So this year I thought, you know what I am just going to go on a proper hunt and I'm dragging her with me.

I went back to the UK in March and met Vernia in London and we went into a Jo Malone store so we could have a little smell. Let's face it Jo Malone has reached cult status in the blogging world so of course I tried some scents that my fave bloggers liked but they just didn't suit me. I would smell one, give it to Vernia and she would give me her opinion, we spent quite a lot of time there but I genuinely wanted to try everything because I fee that Jo Malone has a lot of unique scents that aren't stereotypically women's or men's if you know what I mean. I ended up settling on Peony and Blush Suede which in itself just sounds like a bloggers dream but the reason why I picked this one was because it wasn't too over the top with floral scents or too sweet or too heavy it was just right, sounding a bit like Goldilocks there aren't I? I opted to buy the smaller version of the bottle because I just know what I am like. 

Once I started using it I loved it and then a week later I started to hate it. I was so annoyed because I was sure that this would be my I just carried on using it, but I started adding it to my bed sheets or just putting it on my clothes as opposed to wearing it on my skin and then I started falling in love with it again. I think my problem is that I need to get used to the scent, I needed to find my way of wearing it and the next thing I knew I had used the entire bottle so it was time for an upgrade.  

I think when finding the fragrance that's right for you, don't look at the ads, don't look at what everyone else is wearing just use your nose, spend 20 mins in Jo Malone smelling every product, go to Boots and try everything, try something unique like the Library of Fragrance scents. 

What is your favourite scent?


  1. I think fragrance is something so personal, it doesn't matter what perfumer is "trendy" or what everyone else is wearing, you have to find what you love and what you feel fits you the most! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS