16 July 2017

Bloggers I am lovin' right now | Blogging

I'm getting a bit meh about blogging and my blog so today I thought I would share with you some blogs I am absolutely lovin' right now. I mean, these girls are incredible so you probably already know them but if you don't bloody check them out! 

Devoted To Pink

Devoted to Pink
Leah is just one of those girls that is frickin' glamorous and owns her own buisness but she comes across like she is really down to earth and approachable! I actually first started following her in instagram and then found myself watching her instastories more and more and she is just someone you can relate to and she has just started her youtube channel! She is so inspirational to me and I think she is going to be the next blogger to really blow up big! 

Nibbles n Scribbles

Nibbles 'n' Scribbles
This wonderful blog is for the people out there who want to know what the latest snacks and how good they actually all!! This girl is also a peanut butter fan so if Nibs gives it a thumbs up you best believe I'm gonna buy it!! I always love seeing her pictures when scrolling through instagram even though they often make me incredibly hungry. She is also so bloody lovely too! 

Beth Eve

Beth Eve
Followed Beth for about 3 years now and I consider her one of those people who is like a friend of the internet, she is so positive and SO supportive, to me she really makes the blogging space a welcoming place (ooo get that ryhme) not only that but if you like cats, you're gonna need to follow her on twitter! Beth has recently started blogging again after a little break and I am so happy that she is because she writes about diverse and interesting topics from "why I'm a hufflepuff" to "Imposter syndrome"

Annie Writes Beauty

Annie Writes Beauty
I'm drawn to Alice's online voice because she is honest which then makes her so easy to relate to because she says what we are all thinking! I adore her instagram feed, it's so cute seeing her little bump grow over time! Alice writes anything from beauty posts to really honest and frank pregnancy updates which I really admire

Who are your favourite bloggers right now?  


  1. Oh you lovely dear you. Thank you for the feature sweetie, I am just writing a blog now which I know will make you hungry!! Big love xx

    1. Never a problem my love!!! Ooo can't wait to read it!!!xx

  2. This was a great post to read. I always love finding new blogs to read. Thanks for sharing.