5 July 2017

Stay Matte But Not Flat NYX Foundation | Beauty

NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Foundation

Today we are talking about the Stay Matte But Not Flat liquid foundation from NYX and I know what you're all thinking, don't worry I am still obsessed with the Sleek Make Up CC Cream but I kinda wanted to try something new. NYX is a cruelty free brand but they are owned by L'Oreal I think so it's a grey area I must admit. 

The first think that drew me to the Stay Matt But Not Flat liquid foundation firstly was the packaging, I can't stand foundation in glass bottles and I know it looks nice and I know that a lot of foundations are in glass bottles but a cute little squeezy tube is easier for me. Also, it fits better in the make up bag and it's lighter and because I travel a fair amount this is quite important. The NYX foundation retails for £6 which is a pretty good price to try out and about £3 cheaper than my beloved cc cream. Typically speaking, I don't like matte foundations I like to keep my complexion slightly dewy but I do like the fact that this foundation is water based and oil free.  

NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat foundation

I got the shade Ivory which I think is fractionally too light for me but the next shade up was a bit too dark but I thought because it is a good price I may as well try! The first thing I noticed was that when I squeezed the product onto the back of my hand, it was more liquid than I was expecting and a lot lighter as well. 

When I actually applied to my face I also noticed that it did tend to cling to my drier patches but I just added a little bit of moisturiser to it and it evened it out a little. I normally apply my foundation with a beauty blender but I thought I would try it out with my RT expert face brush instead because I could buff it a little better into my skin. As with most matte foundations is it quite dry but it definitely wasn't as drying as I was expecting. I added a bit of the Makeup Revolution Radiance Palette powder to my face just to make it not look as matte which worked perfectly. This foundation is really impressive because it doesn't actually make your face look too cakey or matte, then when you team it with a bit of shimmer it create a really nice finish. 

As the day went on the more I liked it, I didn't look in the mirror once and think "oh god, I look weird" in fact I forgot that I was even wearing a new foundation at all! The Stay Matte but Not Flat foundation does exactly what it claims to, obviously it doesn't have the dewy glow I like BUT because it isn't as matte as the other foundations you can easily create a dewy look with other products on top of it! Overall, really big fan guys!! 

Have you tried this NYX foundation?

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