12 July 2017

Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil | Beauty

Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil

We have something deliciously indulgent and a new brand to my little blog today, The Body Shop and I am talking about the divine Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil. I must admit, I haven't shopped in The Body Shop in actual YEARS! It's a place I never think to go but recently the L'Oreal owned company was sold to Natura Cosm├ęticos which is a Brazillian brand who have the same ethical values as TBS in that they don't test on animals! Due to this buzz with the cruelty free bloggers out there it got me thinking that I should go in and check out the store again. 

I used to have a rather dated view of The Body Shop, I just can't help but think about super fruity body butters and that's about it, but this time I decided to walk straight past that stuff and head to all the other lotions and potions and well, I spent a lot, like a lot in a very short space of time! Eeek! So I will write about the other stuff in separate posts but I just had to start with this Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil, seriously oh my god!! 

Let's start with the scent, like what the hell is monoi oil anyway? So monoi oil is simply Tahitian gardenia petals soaked in coconut oil but I would say that the coconut is hardly detectable as personally I am not a fan of coconut but I didn't even know it had it in there until I googled it! From the first use I knew this would be an instant repurchase because not only is the scent delightful but how good my skin looked after using it and even the next day! I am still clinging onto a tan from when I went to Portugal and let me tell you this oil has given it a new lease of life! 

I'm probably using it about 2-3 times a week and because it's an oil a little does actually go a very long way, I was guilty of being a tad liberal at first but I'm just obsessed with it! Another great benefit to this oil is that you can use it on your hair as well, which I haven't yet because my hair is very fine so oil always weighs it down but I have read reviews that it works miracles! The bottle retails for £18 for 170mls which is quite a lot but I think this is a purchase that should be considered as an essential luxury because of how great your skin feels after! 

Are you a fan of body oils or have you tried this little gem before? 


  1. I love body Shop. I used to be obsessed with that brand however now I'm exploring Rituals a bit more. Oils are a great invention!

    1. I haven't really checked out Rituals, I'll definitely look at their range!xx