11 February 2018

Breakfast at Chiltern Firehouse | Food

Chiltern Firehouse

And I said what about breakfast at Tiffany's  Chiltern Firehouse...I know, things are getting a little fancy on Honeypot Blogs today! I have been lucky to visit the Chiltern Firehouse twice since I started working back in London again! The first time I went I actually was taken for lunch and it was HEAVENLY, some really odd combinations but the flavours were insane, and so is the price! Thank god I wasn't paying. 

However I went there a couple of weeks ago on a business breakfast and I just thought I would share with you what I ate and my overall thoughts on this restaurant for breakfast. To be honest, I'm sad I didn't take more pictures but I am only just getting into the swing of things again with blogging but I do apologise. The thing I love about the Chiltern Firehouse is that ever single member of staff that ever so much as crosses your path if so damn polite,I mean you have said Good Morning and smiled a hundred times before you've even sat down and personally, I like that! 

Chiltern Firehouse Breakfast

 As always I started with an espresso, I am still struggling to find a good one but this wasn't too bad whilst my colleagues settled for English Breakfast tea and Earl Grey, of course it's served in a little silver tea pot and as it's loose leaf tea it as the strainer to come with it, just gorgeous! The also over a curated selection of juices which include kale, beetroot and interestingly enough JalapeƱo, however I just went for the orange juice because I'm not really into those "super smoothies". The menu for is is perfect because it has a little something for everyone but isn't so overwhelming you don't know where to start! I was SO tempted to have the buttermilk pancakes as these are normally something I always go for but that morning in particular I just wanted something that was a little lighted so I actually went for the nuts and seeds granola topped with orchard fruits.My colleague got the pancakes though and I did have a slight dash of FOMO but you know what my granola was frickin' delicious. I would say it was quite a hearty portion and I was not left hungry at all. The granola wasn't overly sweet but the black berries added a nice sharp twang to it that just added a little something extra to the dish. The granola was also topped with pear that tasted like it has been poached in cinnamon, it was divine! My other colleague had poached egg with wasabi spiced avocado on toast which looked really yummy too! 

Lets get around to the money, for 3 breakfasts, 2 tea, one espresso and an orange juice this actually came to £65 which is bloody eye watering, but you pay for the service, you pay for the location, you pay for the presentation of your food. It was expensive but I really enjoyed my experience there and would take colleagues there again because it was a place where you can comfortably discuss business in comfort. 

Where are your favourite places to have breakfast?


  1. Looks so yummy! I personally love Granger&Co and Timmy Green - their food is so tasty! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS