7 February 2018

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Drops of Youth

Drops of Youth Cream

I know, I know ANOTHER Body Shop post, seriously I don't know what's happened but recently all I have to do is walk in for like 3 minutes and I walk out with a whole bunch of stuff. More recently this Drops of Youth, Youth Cream is something I walked out with but you know what I am bloody glad I did! 

I used to be obsessed with the Olay Essentials Day Cream (old post alert!) genuinely it was a really fantastic product and was the only thing that would help my dry skin when I was on roaccutane but since the switch to cruelty free products it's meant I have had to find something else. I recently used the Superdrug B Confident Day Cream, which I did like, it was quite a rich cream but it  definitely wasn't a replacement for my Olay, so when I ran out I thought I would try out something new. I love the layout of the skincare ranges in The Body Shop, I love how they are all grouped together and obviously getting a bit paranoid about my ever aging face I was drawn to the Drops of Youth range. The first thing that drew me to the Youth Cream was the scent, it's very light and fresh so you know it's not going to be overpowering when you apply it. Then I put a tiny bit on the back of my hand and this stuff just melts into the skin so of course I bloody bought it! 

I have been using this Youth Cream for just over a month now and surprisingly I have noticed a difference! Now let's not get crazy here, this product does not make me look 10 years younger (woe is me) but lets focus on then things the product does do such as leave my skin looking smoother and more full of life, even, dare I say it, more plump!  As mentioned before I said this product melts into your skin but this also means that it sits really well under make up! The cream has 3 plant stem cells, Edelwiess from Italian Apls, Sea Holly and Criste Marine from the Brittany Coast and I think these ingredients are what make the product feel so fresh and light, it almost has a cooling sensation on your skin so I would imagine that people with sensitive skin may like this product.  

What skincare products are you loving right now?


  1. I keep meaning to try their collection, I've heard so many good things and glad you like it! xx

  2. You totally should! There are so many different products per range so you're bound to find something you like!xx