18 February 2018

Mattarello Restaurant, London | Food

Mattarello Restaurant

Today I thought I would share with you guys a tasty little number because it's been a while since I had a foodie post. One of the main things I miss about Italy sometimes  has to be the food, oh my god I need good Italian food and I just didn't think it was possible in England until I went to Mattarello.  Mattarello is an Italian word for rolling pin, which gives a subtle nod to the notion of handmade which all good Italian food is. 

The restuarant itself is nestled in a little street near Aldgate and I was surprised when I walked in because it looks so chic and so welcoming, plus the waiter was thrilled to explain a little more about this delightful restaurant to us. It's actually a restaurant that has it's roots in Bologna in the Tuscan region and having lived in Italy you know I love Tuscany. He gave us a lot of advise as to his favourite foods and recommended traditional dishes as true proud Italians always do. I had to get the Aperol Spritz which had more of a kick in it than others I've had in the UK which kept me rather happy I must admit.  

It was quite hard to pick a started I must admit, but we opted for a selection of cold meats which included, Salami, Proscuitto, Mortadella and I "think" bresola but then had this rather delightful friend pieces of bread. In the picture they look quite hard but they were delightfully soft and doughy, I was in heaven!  

Mattarello Starter
Mattarello Starter

What to have for the main meal was an easy decision for me, as soon as I saw Tortellini I knew I'd be having that, it was nice that they added a little twist with it by serving it with a Bolognese ragu as opposed to like a butter sauce. It was divine and the portions were so generous, I actually left some pasta because I couldn't eat any more. It was cooked to perfection which is aldente and it was just like being in Italy again. 

Mattarello Tortellini

We had to make sure there was enough room for dessert, I actually nearly went for a Tiramisu but I opted for the Panna Cotta with berries because I wanted something a little lighter. The  panna cotta was a little softer than I expected but it was just the right amount of sweetness to tame the sharp edge of the berries. Perfetto! 

Mattarello Panna Cotta


I will be going back to this restaurant again, without a doubt! When it comes to the price personally I would say it's inline with any London restaurant we paid about £47 each but we had much food it was more than worth it! 

Which Italian restaurants do you recommend? 


  1. This looks lush! Especially that pudding 😍 £47 isn’t bad when you get a lot of yummy food - especially in London! x