25 March 2018

Tipsy Clothing Haul | Fashion

Yes you read that right, today I thought I would share with you my most recent purchases that I picked up when I went for a boozy afternoon tea with my friend Vernia! I know it doesn't look like a lot and the reality is I didn't go wild but also I got some bits from Primark which obviously doesn't have an online store so I couldn't easily grab pictures for the stuff I got there but I will mention what I got anyway. 

Honey Bee - Ok so I didn't even see this t-shirt until my pal found it in Miss Selfridge and I just had to have it! Obviously you guys know I love my little bee related things and I just love honey. I adore that this t-shirt actually has the bee embroidered, it's a little detail that is just so cute. It is slightly cropped but I will wear this with high waisted jeans and a black blazer over the top. 

Corduroy Shirt Dress - I know what you are thinking, corduroy...really? YES REALLY like oh my god, I know it's a little old fashioned but when I saw this shirt I actually gasped! The colour is gorgeous blush pink and the corduroy is very fine so it add a bi of texture without looking over the top corduroy if that makes sense? To be honest I didn't even realise that this was a dress I just thought it was an over sized shirt but I will definitely be wearing it over jeans with ankle boots. 

Sunglasses - I actually picked some up in primark not really because I needed them but mainly because I wanted some new ones. I have from D&G ones but I wanted some that I could just throw in my bag and not worry about and they were literally £3 you just can't go wrong. 

I also picked up some underwear, some black joggers and a plain black long sleeved t-shirt, ya know the basic essentials from Primark. The reason I wanted to share with you this little haul was because I ended up picking some things that I never would have picked before. I love the little Honey Bee t-shirt but I never would have though to buy the damn thing but in my head I was already styling what else to wear with it. Also, if you would have ever mentioned the words "pink corduroy shirt" to me I would have laughed but I just saw it and had to have it. 

What things have your bought whilst a little but tipsy that you haven't actually regretted? 

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