11 March 2018

Afternoon Tea at Boulevard Brasserie, London | Lifestyle

Afternoon Tea at Boulevard Brasserie

It's been a while since we had something a little fancy on Honeypot Blogs hasn't it? Today I thought I would share with you my utterly delightful experience I had at Boulevard Brasserie for Afternoon Tea! My dear Vernia really fancied having scones and jam and she suggested that we go for afternoon tea somewhere in London and she found this great deal which was about £27 per person and it includes a variety of different sandwiches and sweet treats but also bottomless tea and bottomless prosecco for an hour and a half. 

Boulevard Brasserie was just off of Covent Garden and I frickin' love that Covent Garden area, so much there is always something fun to do or see and this restaurant/cafe wasn't a place I had ever been before so I was excited to try it out.  

Afternoon Tea at Boulevard Brasserie

Afternoon Tea at Boulevard Brasserie

As soon as we walked in we were welcomed so warmly, everyone was so polite and smiley, they really seemed happy that you were there which I adored. The cafe itself is really cute with classical French design and there are 3 floors and we were seated on the middle level.
When we got to our table the lady described perfectly what we were to expect, so explained that we had an hour and a half at the table and the variety of foods we will be served. She also left a little menu which also explained the details. 

Afternoon Tea at Boulevard Brasserie

I have been to other bottomless prosecco brunches before and know that sometimes they can be a bit tight with the bubbles but I have to say this place definitely wasn't, they topped you up in perfect timing always and only when you really needed it which I loved. The food was divine, I went straight in for the sandwiches first and had to have the little salmon bagel because I don't know why but all of a sudden I have become obsessed with smoked salmon, I just can't get enough! Then I tried out the salt beef and gherkin sandwich which was served on rye bread, again I really liked this but the flavours were quite strong so I think its not one everyone would love. Then I moved on to the little foccacia number which had mozzarella and pesto in it, I mean I was in heaven by this point! The last sandwich was cucumber and cream cheese and honestly, I don't like cucumber at all so I skipped that one. 

We then moved onto the scones which were so damn good, the had two fruit ones and two plain ones so me and Vernia just had one of each one which meant we still had two scones each which I thought was actually really generous. I think they would have offered us more clotted cream because the serving for 4 scones was quite small but we were fine in all honesty. 

Afternoon Tea at Boulevard Brasserie

Then I dived straight into the dessert plate where I pretty much face planted this chocolate square, this little thing was so rich, it was like a thick ganache which a biscuit base, it was delicious, Vernia couldn't quite manage to eat it all but I inhaled mine. Then I had the tiny little macaron which was raspberry so it balanced the richness of the chocolate cake. 

My afternoon at Boulevard Brasserie was actually perfect, the service was incredible the food was delicious, the atmosphere was lively yet intimate and the company was the best ever!  

Where are your favourite places for Afternoon Tea? 


  1. This sounds heavenly! I've just jotted it down so that next time I'm in London I'll remember it - I would love to take my sister here as a treat. The chocolate square sounds heavenly

    Steph -

    1. Honestly dear, I would highly recommend it!xx