14 March 2018

The Ordinary Serum Foundation | Beauty

The Ordinary Serum Foundation

Ok guys, I feel like I have failed you all because I simply cannot stand this foundation! You may have read my Coverage Foundation review which I couldn't get on with but I put it down to never really wearing full coverage foundations anyway so I thought that would be it! The Ordinary have so many bloggers raving about the Serum Foundation that I thought I should give that a go as it's a lighter weight foundation which I am more used to. 

This foundation is a low viscosity formula which means it's definitely runnier than the Coverage foundation and other ones I use but I expected it to be. I tried applying this with my RT buffing brush and my beauty blender and it just doesn't work with my skin, the coverage isn't great which is to be expected but again it blends out in a really odd way. I don't know why but it clings to odd places on my face that other foundations simply don't and throughout the day it just doesn't wear well and I was wearing a setting spay with it. I have tried different tools, different primers, different creams and nothing works for me and this range of foundations. 

I think the shade range of the foundations are phenominal, I love that The Ordinary not only caters of other skintones but also different undertones. The foundation just don't work for me, but their skincare is something I can get excited about. It's a short and sweet review because I just didn't like it and I left a more in depth review about the Coverage Foundation which I treated in the same way. 

What foundations do you recommend?


  1. Totally agree - I hated this! It clung to any vaguely dry parts of my face, even ones I couldn’t see! Loads of people love it but I’m with you on this! xx

    1. Finally another person who agrees with me!!!xx