2 June 2018

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Peach Roses

As you may already know, me and the boyf recently bought our first home together and it's just been so amazing! It's taken me a while to figure out this type of blogpost because I wanted to take lots of pictures but sometimes the lighting isn't right or sometimes we have the clotheshorse up so it's hardly that pretty. Instead of showing you a room by room tour, I thought I would share little snippets of our place. 

The Living Room and Kitchen
We have an open plan living room and kitchen which is really handy for use because we quite like having a chat when one of us is cooking. As our coach house is a newly built property it means everything is neutral colours and we really wanted to find a way of adding fun colour without it being too drastic, so we added yellow but with grey to compliment the harsh yellow shades. 

This little coaster is one of the rose quartz ones from Anthropologie the colour looks a little odd here but I am still trying to figure out the camera on my phone. The side table was bought from Home Sense and it's actually taken me a little while to love this table but now it just seems to fit perfectly. 

Black and chrome in the kitchen, I mean it just makes sense doesn't it? The Kettle and Toaster are from Morphe Richards and have little rose gold accents on them so it adds just a dash of colour in. 

The Bedroom 
We have kept things very simple in the bedroom, it's probably the most neutral of ours spaces just because I love white bedroom furniture so I definitely had a but more influence in this room. 

Personally I would rather inject a bit of colour with flowers and I just love having roses by the bed, I'm such a flower person anyway! Also, that little book under my rose trinket is from 1808 - it's filled with verses and poetry about different life stages.

The boyf actually has two guitars and we have the acoustic one in the hall way, music is one of his biggest passions so I definitely wanted to make them a bit of a feature in the house. 

Ah, my pride and joy sitting on top of our wardrobe, I have always wanted a Fortnum hamper and for Christmas one of my work partners gifted it to me and I just love it. I used it to put the bedding in and it just looks lovely sitting up there. 

I haven't taken pictures of the bathroom purely because we don't have any natural light so every photo has a yellow tinge to it and they just look odd coupled with the rest of the pictures above. Our bathroom is tilled floor to ceiling basically and has a giant mirror which is a bit of a pain to clean but I adore our bathroom so much! 

There we have a little snippet into our new home! 

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