18 July 2014

Benefit's Stay Don't Stray Primer | Review

When I first received Benefit's Stay don't Stray in an old Birchbox I had no idea really what to do with it. I didn't even think I would even use this. 

However, I'm starting to wear eye make up more often, I blame all the gorgeous blogs I follow now. What I have noticed is that my eyeshadow tends to disappear by the end of the day and usually ends up in the creases on my eye lids - sexy I know. 

There could be a few reasons why this happens, the weather - it's bloody flippin hot so everything is melting off of me, the product - pretty cheap palette from Barry M as a start set etc etc 

So whilst I was taking off my make up the other night, I remembered that I have this Benefit's Stay Don't Stray eye primer and realised that I must try it out. 

It looks exactly like a concealer that you would use to cover blemishes even the little wand applicator is exactly the same. 

I apply Stay Don't Stray on my eyelids before I put my eyeshadow on, I just gently add a couple of dots to each eyelid and blend. I leave it about a minute to let it set then I apply the eyeshadow. 

After my first day I was actually really impressed with Stay Don't Stray. I put my make up on at about 6:45AM and I checked it through out the day and it still looked really good. By the time I walked through the door at home at 7:45PM when I had a look I noticed that some of my eyeshadow had gone into my creases but the majority stayed put. That's like 13 hours guys!!! 

Yesterday I really put it to the test because it was incredibly hot, I walk to and from the office each day which in an hour in total at a quick pace. I then went for a run/boot camp style workout with my friend Nikki after work leaving my eye makeup there just to see how hard I would have to work to make it "Stray" so to speak. When I checked at 10PM, though a whole lot had seeped into the creases there was still SOME left on my eyelids!!!

I really think this is a handy product, it does to what it says it does. I'm now really glad that I did receive this in my first Birchbox. I'm going to try it with other brand eyeshadow to see whether it'seven better.

Have you tired this product yet?

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  1. I LOVE this product!
    Great post hun :)

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