29 July 2014

Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Paint | Review

I've discovered a new product that I absolutely love and it's Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Paint. 

As usual I was wandering around Boots near where I work and found myself at the Rimmel stand. I wasn't really looking to buy anything but I had watched a couple of vlogs (Lily Pebbles and Viviannadoesmakeup, of course) and they had mentioned about these Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow  Paints. I was interested to see what it was about these paints that were different. 

There were only a few shades, about 5 and but I picked two.

The two colours I opted for were 006 Rich Russet which has been widely recommended by the two vlogging superstars but I also picked up 005 Golden Bronze. I kinda really liked the Golden Bronze as well and thought it could look really nice on if I had a bit of a tan or if I was on holiday. I think that golden tones work really well with my green eyes. 

To start with they are in a tube that looks like lipgloss and the applicator wasn't far off.

006 Rich Russet

005 Golden Bronze

The tube is going to get quite messy, there is a fair amount of suction with the product so if you're a little OCD with your beauty products then this may cause a little stress. 

When I was swatching these in the store I got in a right mess. They go on exactly like paint, I then smudged it out over my hand to see how well they blend after doing this I thought great, I'll rub a little harder just to get it off my hand. Oh how I was wrong. The stuff has a fantastic ability to stay put. I was getting shimmer everywhere and the entire back of my hand was covered. 

I've done a little swatch for you but this one is far less messy. 

Wonderfully pigmented aren't they, however what this doesn't show you is what the look like with a little smudge and blend. 

I find you have to work quick with this product, when you put it on your eyelid, get your brush and start blending straight away, because this stuff dries pretty quick so it's just easier when it's slightly wet still. 

I haven't worn Golden Bronze yet however I have worn Rich Russet on numerous ocassions and it's easily become a firm fave. Not only is it a gorgeous colour to wear but it's just to easy, it doesn't take every long to put on and it lasts bloody ages. This claims to be crease proof, however it is not. Though I am starting to wonder whether I just have massively creased eyes? Who knows? Though to be honest it isn't really that bad, yes it goes into my eye creases, not any worse than any other product. 

As I bought two Boots had a special offer - Buy one and get the second half price on selected Rimmel products. They're only £4.99 anyway so I definitely think they are worth trying out. 

Have you tried the Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Paint yet? What colour are you loving?


  1. I never knew that they did these in tubes! I've only seen the pots. Gorgeous colours.

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo
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    1. Yeah! I definitely think the tubes are handy and the application is so easy with them. Thanks for the comment!!xx

  2. The colours are lovely. The Rich Russet shade is definitely something I would wear; however I'm a bit put off by the 'messy' aspect. I've always avoided cream eyeshadows and products like that, but these look wonderfully pigmented. I may have a little play around with them next time I'm heading past a Rimmel counter. Until then, I'm a little on the fence. Great review though, well done!

    Effortlessly Excessive.

    1. I totally think you should try them out! I don't like a lot of cream products, but this one is a good exception because they dry very quickly and are so easy to wear! Thank you so much for commenting!xx

  3. Thanks for the review <3