8 July 2014

Sleek Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette | Review

I know I'm probably very late to the party but I finally bought something from the Sleek Make up range and boy am I happy! I bought the Face Form Countouring and Blush Palette in 373 Light.

I was having a wander around Superdrug not really wanting to buy anything special but I seemed to find myself looking at the Sleek Make up section. I'll be honest, I'm incredibly new to this whole face contouring stuff, I have seen some amazing pictures and videos where a face can be transformed into something model-esque  with just contouring alone. But I've never tried it myself. 

As my blog grows and I find myself looking at hundreds of videos I realise that actually everyday contouring doesn't have to be something scary and looks sort of easy to do so I've been having a think about whether I should try it or whether I'm going to look like a scarecrow with all these lines across my face that I'll fail at trying to blend.

When I saw the Sleek  Face Form Countouring and Blush Palette tester I was actually pretty impressed, it seemed to have everything that I wanted to try, in one palette and at a reasonable price of £9.99. 

I went for the light shade because I do have fair skin but I do need a bit of colour a definition to my face. I did notice that the Dark palette doesn't have a blush in it, it has a bronzer instead, just to point out to any of my gorgeous darker skintone readers. 

As you will see the highlighter has a pearlescent shimmer to it and the blush is very pigmented with lots of shimmer in it, so if you aren't a fan of a bit of shimmer I'd probably say it isn't for you. Here are the swatches

The highlighter is very hard to detected against my pale arm but I think that's the whole idea right? To just add a bit of light into certain areas of the face, you wouldn't want to look too metallic. 

I will admit I'm kinda in love with this palette. I tried it out when I first bought it and was surprised at how easy it was to use and blend, I only use it around my cheek bones. I will admit I'm not great it it yet but I know the more I try the better I'll get. I will say that the brown countour shade is fractionally too dark for my skin tone but what I like about this product is that you can blend it however you want, if I want just a faint line it blends out really easy. I think it's perfect for the newbies out there like myself who just want to try coutouring.

I do just have to point out that I really like the packaging too, it's very Sleek I like the simplicity of it. I also love the weight of the palette which I know if a bit of an odd thing to like but I really do, it's quite heavy. It also comes with a great mirror that's a really good size. I'm super impressed. 

Have you tried anything from Sleek. 


  1. I really want to get this. I love Sleek. x x

    1. I've not tried anything from Sleek before but after getting this...I need more in my life!! Haha!!xx