23 July 2014

Smashbox Photo Op - Eyeshadow Trio | Review

My lovely friend gave me the Smashbox Photo Op - Eyeshadow Trio in Aperture because she never really uses eyeshadow and she knows I'm trying to broaden my whole make up spectrum. 

The three shades that come in this trio are Alabaster, Sky and Truffle. To be honest I think that all of these shades are pretty safe and easy to wear 

They showed up fairly well on my arm, kinda matte. I think the really cute thing about this trio is that it comes with a couple of instructions on where to place which shade. Which is a little handy for a newbie like myself.

I really liked all three shades but I didn't know how well they would work together. 

I will admit I was a little disappointed when I applied the Smashbox Photo Op Trio to my eyes. The colours are actually pretty pale and I've got quite pale skin anyway so it didn't really stand out at all. I think this trio would look stunning on dark skin. So as a complete look, it just didn't work for me, pretty lack lustre.

However if I break down each individual shade I quite like them. 

Alabaster is a pretty standard nice base colour for any eyeshadow really so I'm definitely going to be using that one. 

I actually really love Sky, it's got a subtle shimmer that just lightens everything up, it's one I would probably reach for if I was looking for a very subtle everyday look. 

Truffle is fab for a bit of eye contouring, a very matte shade that would just work well over the top of my other shades. 

So I definitely think I will use them, just not all together! 

Have you tried any of the Smashbox Photo Op trios? 

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