4 August 2015

Barbara Hofmann Special Brush Cleaning Soap | Beauty

As you may know, I was very lucky to attend a PR event the other week where there was a whole variety of amazing brands. One brand was Beauty Crowd which is a wonderful online store that sells a variety of different  make up and beauty brands. I was kindly given this Barbara Hofmann product to try out, which is the Special Brush Cleaning Soap.

All beauty lovers know the utter pain of having to wash multiple different brushes and whilst I don't mind washing my make up brushes it does take forever to do. I used to use very simply the Johnsons Baby Shampoo just because it was small and easy and did a fine job of cleaning my brushes. The only thing I really hated was that it did take for ever to wash and I'd end up getting bored half way through. I have seen other brands do a solid soap like this Barbara Hofmann one before in a tin but never tried it out. 

I was really excited to try it out because I wanted to see whether it would cut down any time on washing the brushes and in short, it did. Firstly, I've just got to mention the scent,! It smells of lemons and I love lemons. It smells super fresh and zesty why wouldn't you want your make up brushes to smell like this? Secondly, all you have to do is wet your make up brush, give it a swirl in the tin to lather up a little and rinse. It really is that easy, I was incredibly impressed with how quickly and easily it clean my brushes. I felt like I had to do a lot less rinsing than what I usually do with the baby shampoo. As you can see, my brush was hardly filthy but it still hadn't been washed for at least a week and you can see the difference in colour after I used the soap. Another thing I loved is the fact it comes in a tin, it so easy to store. 

If you wash your make up brushes, and you should, I would definitely suggest buying this product, it will make that task so much easier. The Special Brush Cleaning soap is only £6.95 from Beauty Crowd which I think is a great price considering it's a solid soap and quite chunky. This product is going to last me a very long time. 

What products do you use to wash your brushes with?


  1. This looks really good and it's a great price! I hate washing my make up brushes, it feels like such a chore but anything that makes it easier is a winner in my eyes! You can see such a huge difference in the two pictures as well which is really good. I'll definitely keep this in mind! :)

    Sian xx Cakey Dreamer

    1. Haha!! I completely agree because let's face it, we probably have too many brushes anyway and it's hard to clean them all!! This works perfectly!xx

  2. Oh wow! i definitely want to get my hands on this, washing with baby oil takes foreverrrrrr xx

    Hannah x hannatalks