30 August 2015

Sunday Pamper | Lifestyle

Sometimes I feel I'm just so busy during the week I really forget to pamper myself over the weekend. Let's face it, when Sunday rolls around we do get the shocking realisation that Monday is just around the corner. This is when I try to make sure I make the most out of my sunday and give myself a bit of a pamper. 

I do feel that sometimes Sunday's can be a bit boring, I spend most of my time on my laptop readib and commenting on other blogs but every now and then you kinda have to switch off a little. When the afternoon rolls around that's when I start my little pamper routine. I think a face mask can go a long way, there are a lot of good masks out there and personally my favourite type is a clay mask. I have written about several different claybased masks such as Australian Bodycare and Clayspray both very good masks, both very different. I do like trying out new clay masks and this week it had to be Ahava, it's a brand that's a little tricky to get in the UK but if you can do it! I really loved this mask, my skin looked so fresh once I removed it and it didn't dry as hard as others. 

What goes hand in hand with a facemask? It has to be a bath, I know every blogger in the world loves Lush, including myself but I think when it comes to ultimate indulgence you have to go for something with a lot of bubbles. For me there is only one product that is the epitome of indulgent baths and it is the Laura Mercier body and bath in the scent fresh fig and honey. I absolutely adore the scent of this bubble bath and a little goes a very long way, you actually get a really cute honey dipper to use with this product which means you don't actually use a lot. 

I have also recently tried out this Phyotherma Seaweed soap, it's really great because there are little pieces in the soap so that it works as an exfoliator as well. I love a good exfoliation and I usually use my exfoliating gloves as well as the soap just to feel extra smooth. Moving onto nails, I always think that painting my nails is a little therapeutic and I like to have them fresh for Monday morning. I have been loving pastel shades on my nails lately so that's something I always opt for. 

And what pamper Sunday would be complete without chocolate? If you have read my Pana Chocolate review you'll know that I am obsessed with this brand, it's just so delicious and actually quite healthy in comparison to other chocolate. 

What are your pamper tips for a Sunday? 


  1. They all look really nice, who doesn't lie a really chilled Sunday pamper routine. Face masks, body scrubs and lotions... perfect trio for me :) x

  2. I did the same today. Read blogs, treated myself to a relaxing bath with a Lush bomb and then ate loads haha! Perfect way to spend a bank holiday sunday!

  3. Can't go wrong with a big bubble bath ladened with Lush products! xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks