2 August 2015

Biscuiteers Icing Class | Lifestyle

I was recently invited* to attend an Icing Class at Biscuiteers in Notting Hill. If you don't know much about Biscuiteers, they specialise in beautifully decorated iced biscuits. They really do offer a range of different types to suit everyone and their tag line is "Why send flowers when you could send biscuits" This is actually a very good point, flowers are going to die but these pretty biscuits will leave a much fonder memory for the recipient. 

The 2 hour long icing class actually takes place down stairs from the cafe which is a nice touch because you're completely surrounded by biscuits. We were welcomed by the very lovely Michelle who handed each of us our very own Biscuiteers apron. There was 6 of us in this class, there was a small group of women who were having a real blast, myself and another lady. 

When we first sat down Michele asked us to practice on some grease-proof paper just so that we can start getting used to how to hold the bags, which sounds silly I know but actually it's very important otherwise you could squeeze too much of the product out and it just looks a mess. I went to the Festival themed icing class which meant that we had a variety of festival type of cookie shapes such as wellies, beer glass, camp fire and even a camping van 

In the class you primarly use two types of icing, the line icing which is a really simple royal icing recipie and the flood/liquid icing which is exactly the same as the line icing but it's slightly runnier so you can fill in the spaces. I'm not going to lie to you, I really struggled with the straight lines, I was squeezing too hard and not moving my hand quick enough which made it look all wobbly but it was my first time.  

The flood icing was much easier to use because you squeeze a massive blob in the middle and use the end of the nozzle to spread it around the biscuit. Then we were advised to tap the top of the biscuit with the skewer to pop any bubbles that may remain underneath the surface. Once you filled in the biscuits they went back in the oven at a very low temperature to harden the icing but not actually cook the biscuit any more. 

Once they came back out of the oven we were ready to add more detail to them using the line icing again. The detailing definitely helped to make mine look a little better. The really fun biscuit to ice was the flames because you mixed the orange and yellow flood icing together by running a skewer over the top of it creating a marbled effect, so pretty. 

Michelle was the most perfect teacher, really chatty and involved everyone. She gave us lots of advice and support and even when I put my rather ugly creations on the board she always said "oh they look lovely" even if they really didn't. 

The end result...

Ok, so I'm never going to be offered a job to work at Biscuiteers. Yes, I know I have a lot of work to do but let's face it, I'm just not very artistic. But this Festival Icing Class was fun. If you are into icing or would love to give it a go the you absolutely must try one of these classes out for yourself. They even do Icing Lates where you can ice biscuits with a glass of bubbly in your hand, in the evening

I would definitely recommend it to groups of people, Biscuiteers run a variety of different classes and themes so there is definitely something for everyone. They also present you with a little certificate and you get a gorgeous metal tin to take your biscuits home in as well as the apron. I think it's fantasic. The cost of these classes are a little pricey at £78 but for everything you get with it and the skills and techniques you can learn it's definitely worth it. 

Would you ever go to an icing class? 

*Invited by Biscuiteers to review


  1. Ohh I am so envious, this looks like so much fun. But no doubt I'd just eat everything haha.

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. This looks incredible! What a lovely idea! :-)