25 August 2015

Orofluido Zen Control Elixir | Beauty

I have never heard of the brand Orofluido before I went to the Catlyst PR event, but when I saw it I was immediately drawn to it. The packaging on this Zen Control Elixir has a very luxurious feel, I really love the detailing with the red flowers over the box. As with any hair product I always smell it first and Oh. My. God. This stuff smells amazing, I would almost consider wearing it as perfume if I were able to. It has a combination of floral and fruit scents, I'd say it is really sweet but the floral tones brings it down just a notch to it isn't too over powering. 

So what does this Zen Control Elixir do? It created to help control frizz, elasticity and smoothness. It was originally created for women who have quite dry and brittle hair but have issues with frizz in humid temperatures. It also has 3 key Asia ingredients which are Tsubaki (camellia) Oil, which is like an anti ageing oil with moisturing and repairing properties. Bamboo Extract which helps with elasticity and Rice Oil which adds shine and helps prevent split ends. My hair doesn't get too frizzy though there are a few times where it does look a little dry and damaged so I have been on the hunt for something that could help with this. 

I have fair hair and it is pretty fne so I am always really cautious with using oils because they can make my hair look incredibly flat and lifeless. But this Orofluido product just smells so amazing I wanted to try it out for sure. The leaflet advises that you should only use 1-3 drops which is a tiny amount so not as scary as I first thought. I rubbed it into my hair when it was damp after I had a shower and then blow dried it. I must admit I really thought that the scent would be really strong in my hair after I had dried it but unfortunately it almost disappeared which is a real shame because I really liked it. Like you could kinda smell it but it wasn't as lovely as what it is in the bottle. 

I was impressed that the oil did manage to keep my hair fairly frizz free but as I mentioned, I don't have crazy frizzy hair anyway. It definitely made my hair look a little less damaged which is always good in my books. I will probably use this oil every now and then as more of a treatment as opposed to everyday. I think it would be great if you had thick or curly hair. 

Have you tried out anything from Orofluido before? 


  1. I haven't heard this brand before, this product sounds cool. xx

    1. It quite nice and if you have thicker hair than me it would be even better!xx

  2. great post ! :) have a wonderful day!!

  3. i have never heard of this product before, but your review makes it sound great. I'll have to check it out.