29 November 2015

Meanwhile in Florence | Lifestyle

As I type this, as you guys read it, I am currently sitting in my apartment in Florence deciding what to have to eat. Isn’t it crazy how in a week your whole life can change? I have never been to Florence or Italy for that matter before so never, ever, considered that I would move here to work and yet here I am feeling rather content in my little space. So in today’s post I’m just going to chat about how I’ve found my first week here and how I am getting on so far.

When some people move abroad they move because they want to be in a different country and may not have a job yet or will look for one while they are out there but for me that wasn’t the case because I was offered my absolute dream job, so that was the easy part for me. What I did find it incredibly hard finding an apartment to start off with, I spent a week or so emailing various different agencies trying to get more information about the apartments but it was really hard trying to get through the language barrier or even getting a response. However I was very fortunate, a girl I would be working with emailed me to say that her and her roommate have a spare room for me to rent if I was interested. Of course I replied immediately saying yes, I was so grateful and it was a massive weight off my shoulders to know I didn’t have to worry about having somewhere to live, genuinely thought I would be living out of a cardboard box on the streets for a hot second there. 

Before moving out, I knew I had to get a Codice Fascale which is basically a tax code so that I can be taxed on the pay from my job but you can only get this when you are in the country. I arrived about 7:30pm on a Monday night so I knew that on Tuesday that was the first thing I had to sort out. I must say that getting the Codice Fascale wasn’t too painful, because I had all my right documents etc but trying to find out where to get it from was another story and I was without WiFi or 4G…nightmare. Needless to say, I know that particular street in Florence very well now.

I have to mention how wonderful my roommates are, everyone I have encountered over here has been so welcoming and helpful, it’s completely amazing. Not knowing any Italian has been a massive hindrance though, don’t get me wrong I knew it would be a problem but I just wish I already knew the language. I won’t need it for my job, but ya know, if I want to actually live here I’m kinda gonna need it! I must admit on one day I felt really shit, just really useless because I have no understanding at all it makes things very hard but it’s ok, I will learn it, it just takes a bit of time.

My first week in Firenze, as it is known to the locals/Italians, was just wonderfully odd, I spent hours just exploring and walking the streets, everything you have heard about this place is true, it’s breathtakingly beautiful. What I really love about this city is that you can turn down a street and right at the very end of that street, in the distance, are mountains. There is history and art on every single corner, when I first saw the Duomo I was speechless, it’s just so pretty. I loved just walking wherever my feet were taking me, I didn’t have google maps or anything just a rough idea that I was going in the right direction, where that may be. By the end of the week, I was really craving the comfort of a routine, I couldn’t wait to start my job because I knew that every weekend from now on I can always explore.  

I’m aware that this post is getting rather lengthy and most of you have probably switched off by now but I just wanted to give you a little snap shot. Over the next few weeks/months I feel like my blog is definitely going to take more of a lifestyle turn which I’m fine with, but fear not, I have spotted a few beauty brands that I’ve never heard of before and they certainly will be making an appearance. 

Just thought I'd give you guys an update, get ready for regular post on Tuesdays, Thursday and Sundays! 


  1. Glad to hear that everything is going good so far. I am sure you will be learning some Italian soon then everything will get easier :) I hope all goes well with your new job.

  2. hey love, so glad to read your settling in well :-). Look forward to your next update x

  3. I'm so happy for you! Italy's on my bucket list. xx

    1. Ah thanks Leah! Honestly, it's just so beautiful xx