1 December 2015

Pupa Vamp! Cream Eyeshadow | Beauty

See, I told ya there would still be beauty on my blog, though come to think of it I’m pretty sure you guys prefer my lifestyle and food posts... Ah well, we have beauty today.

I found it quite hard to find a typical “drug store” like Boots or Superdrug, there are a lot and I mean a LOT of pharmacies but I have found you can actually pick up most beauty/skincare/haircare products from the supermarket. That being said I managed to find one, CAD Bellezza & Igiene which has a whole 4 different brands of makeup. Pupa is one of them, they seemed to have a pretty big range of this brand so that’s what I went for first. I was on the lookout for a new eyeshadow, I know I know, I have a vast amount of eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes so surely I don’t need another one? Well you’d be wrong, of course I need another one (!) especially one from a brand I have never tried before. There were quite a lot to choose from but I’d say the range of products in this shop was mainly shimmer eyeshadows and I do love a good shimmer. At first I was just going to do for a powder shimmer eyeshadow but then I saw these little Vamp! Pots and thought I would just have a closer look at them.

I haven’t used a cream eyeshadow in a very long time, in fact since the Rimmel Scandaleyes ones, they dried out on me though but I loved how easy it was to use cream eyeshadow, just a quick swish of colour and a bit of blending and you’re done. I was incredibly impressed with this Pupa eyeshadow because the texture was so light but incredibly creamy as soon as I dabbed my little finger into the tester. I’d say if you are into your champagne, chocolate, golden shades then Pupa definitely caters to you, I was a little spoilt for choice but some of the shades were just a little too dark for me so I went with this one which is 101, which I would say is more of a champagne colour. I don’t think the pictures really show just how beautiful this shadow is and it cost 10 EUR which I kinda think is a little more towards the expensive side considering I have never spent £10 on a single eyeshadow before.

I found that when you actually use this product it dries pretty quick but not only that but it’s pretty damn hard to get off. If I just used a dry finger to rub it off then that stuff is NOT moving, even with water you still have to be pretty firm, really amazing. This is the type of cream eyeshadow you’d apply with your finger first and then quickly blend with a brush. Also you can definitely apply it thickly to create the ultimate metallic look or use it for a more subtle shimmery lid. I’m completely in love and can’t wait to try out more products.

What are your favourite cream eyeshadows?  


  1. This looks so pretty!! I'm not usually big on cream shadows, but I love this!

    xox Lo

    1. Me neither actually, I must admit I was really impressed with this little gem!xx

  2. I haven't heard this brand before, this eyeshadow sounds really good! I make such mess applying a cream eyeshadow so it might be perfect for me. I like my color tattoo :)

    1. I've never tried a cream eyeshadow before but I'm definitely in love with this one!xx