29 December 2015

Kiko Pencil Lip Gloss | Beauty

It's a beauty isn't it? Now, what I'm going to say may shock you but it's ok because I assume you're sitting down when reading this and if you're not then you should because it's dangerous to walk and read at the same time, but I have never tried any Kiko products and never before have I even wanted to. I know, how dare I even call myself a beauty blogger. 

Again, I was aimlessly wandering and stumbled across this massive Kiko store, it was so busy but I thought as I'm out I may as well have a look. It was beautiful, everything was laid out so clearly and considering there were so many people store wasn't a mess at all. As it looked so high end I thought, oh geez how much does this stuff cost...I was stunned to realise that some of these products we be considered budget make up. This Kiko Pencil Lip Gloss cost just €3.90, just €3.90 that is nothing considering the quality. I was a little overwhelmed but I though just focus on what I could do with instead of just purchasing everything within arms reach. So my readers will know that I love a nude (we're talking strictly makeup you pervs) Always nude on the lips, I will sometimes venture down the pinky red road but not very often, I like all the drama on my eyes not my lips. I saw this little gem and gave it a quick swatch, it doesn't have a name but it's number 08. As soon as a swatched it I noticed that it had a very soft buttery texture, but wasn't sticky like lipgloss. Me and lip gloss don't get on, my hair is often down and with even a slight breeze it's just chaos. But a Pencil Lip Gloss is something I can work with. 

I'd say because it is nude you would have to reapply as often as you would with anything else, it's not matte so it wears quite easily but for me that isn't really a problem. I found it didn't leave my lips feeling too sticky and it almost reminded me a little of the NARS lip pencils because they also have the lipstick texture but in pencil form, however Kiko is a fraction of the cost. I have found myself reaching for this pencil literally everyday, it goes with everything and I'd say this particular shade is a perfect nude match for me. I'm definitely going to check out Kiko for foundation to see whether they have a nice pale shade for me. 

What Kiko products do you love? 

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