15 December 2015

Australian Bodycare Body Lotion | Beauty

Today I am talking about a brand I'm actually very familiar with called Australian Bodycare and was one of the products I brought out to Italy. I have written a post about their lovely Cleansing Face Mask but my beautician actually used their After Wax and I bloody love the stuff. 

I get a lot of waxing done, once a month, I get everything. I'm pretty lucky because I have very fair hair my leg hair is almost impossible to see. I never get my legs out anyway but I just like to have them waxed as well. However if you get a lot of waxing done like myself you can't always escape the odd ingrown hair which is incredibly annoying. I went to a PR event a few months ago and Australian Bodycare was their discussing their wide range of products and the lovely lady advised that after waxing I should try out the lotion because of it'singredients it actually helps with keeping the skin soft and works as an antiseptic as well, which is always a good thing. 

What really stands out about Australian Bodycare is that every product has tea tree in it, in fact it's pretty strongly scented. So if you're not a fan of tea tree oil or that type of scent stay well away because it is strong but if you don't mind it you need to check this stuff out. I used this lotion after my wax and it kept my skin lovely and soft. But the thing I was really impressed with was the regrowth of my hair, because it kept my skin super soft it mean the hair could grow back my easier. 

For me, this is a brand I would definitely repurchase, even if it isn't something I would use every day, it's there for when I need it which is the most important thing really. The products are actually a pretty good price, the 100ml tube is on £8.99 so it's not that bad. 

Have you tried any Australian Bodycare products? 


  1. I have never tried Australian Bodycare products before but I love skincare items that have tea tree in them so am interested to give this a try! :) xx

    Jacqueline | Sail Away to Neverland ♡

  2. After waxing I need a good moisturiser, otherwise I get dry patches. I haven't heard this brand before, I like the tea tree scent so I would probably like this too.