16 March 2016

FloraQueen International Flower Delivery | Lifestyle

Who doesn't love a bunch of flowers and let's face it there are literally hundreds of companies that you can purchase and send flowers from but who do you choose?

I was reached out to recently by FloraQueen* because they wanted to send me some flowers. The interesting thing about this Florist is that they send flowers to over 90 different countries, which is pretty massive! One really nice thing about this site is that the bouquets differ when you select the different countries to deliver to, so when I selected the UK I was presented with a different variety to that of another country for example. They have such a vast range of bouquets it is a little hard to choose! I would say the prices range from mid to high but I think as you can see from the pictures they really are beautiful!

I decided that I would have mine sent to England for my mother in time for Mother's Day and she was thrilled when they arrived! I asked her all the standard questions about whether there were any dead of damaged flowers, how were they delivered etc, and was told they arrived perfectly. I've known many cases where large international florists deliver flowers and some are dead or they don't look anything like the picture, in fact I have actually been put off from sending flowers purely because I haven't seen them beforehand so it's definitely a risk. However I am very pleased to say that these ones definitely met my expectations. My mother said the first thing she noticed was the scent, I know sometimes I have bought flowers in the past where you can't really smell anything but apparently these smelled amazing. 

This bouquet is the Passion and Devotion  bouquet which is a little different in terms of colours to what arrived but guys, this is always gonna happen due to seasonality and stuff like that but you can clearly see this was an utter gorgeous bouquet anyway! The flowers lasted just over a week, by that i mean the majority of the roses had died but some of the other flower still looked brand new which I think is pretty standard. 

I think for me, being so far away from my family it's companies like this that help bridge the gap a little and because I've had a very good experience with them, I would recommend them and use FloraQueen again for sure. 

Do you have loved ones in other countries? Why don't you brighten their day a little with some flowers to let them know you're thinking of them. 

*sent for review, all views my own

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  1. Aww, its so lovely that you sent your mum flowers across the pond!

    Parie x