13 March 2016

Instagram Themes | Blogging

It's always been a bit of a hot topic hasn't it, Instagram Themes? Bloggers love a bit of marble background and love a good theme! And I admit  I'm the first person to swoon when the pictures all have the same filters and shades, the little OCD person inside me is soothed when everything has the same perfect border but that's the thing though, it's all a bit too perfect isn't it?

I'll be honest, I have struggled to gain my Instagram following and I think their are a couple of reasons for this, first being that I don't post enough, I'm rubbish and sometimes go for days without posting pictures at all and I think if there is one thing we have all learned through blogging, it's that followers like consistency! The other problem I think is because I just don't have THAT theme, I don't have the style of pictures that everyone loves! When I lived in England I feel like I was kind of getting an Instagram theme or at least creating content that people could easily tell was mine, things had a very similar background and were always brighten slightly so it was a kind of consistent but my problem is, I like taking pictures of everything!

When I moved out to Italy I no longer had my light pretty background and the lighting was all different to what I was used to, on the other hand I did find a new surface to take pictures on which definitely added a different look and feel to my blog and my Instagram but for those followers who likes the light and bright images, they went, they just disappeared! I found myself not wanting to post pictures because I couldn't apply the same filters as I did before which is ridiculous! So I just started posting them anyway and at first it looked a little weird because they were my images but they didn't feel very "Honeypot Blogs" if you get what I mean and think this also lead me to the decision to change direction of my blog! The way I see it is if I like the pictures then why should it matter?

I have also seen when the need for a theme goes a bit far in the sense that pictures are brightened and highlighted so much you loose all aspects of the picture, beauty products look a completely different shade and bodies blend into the white wall behind them and somethings also disappear entirely but they have so many followers because that's what people want! I have been guilty of looking on someone's Instagram at the first 9 pictures and see that if the pictures are stages nice I just follow blindly, just because it is so pretty!

I know it's all down to personal preference and I get that, but sometimes I have to ask myself when does having a theme come before the quality of the content?

Do you have an Instagram theme? If so, do you find it hard to maintain or do you love the creativity of it all?

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