24 May 2016

5 Healthy Tips | Lifestyle

So today I just wanted to discuss some really quick and easy things I have found to looking after my body and my overall health.

I travel a lot, like two different countries in the same month kind of a lot. In all honesty I find it quite hard to maintain a healthy regime for my body. This being said, I feel like if you get the basics down that's the most important thing. Let's start with probably the most important thing:-

Water - sounds like a silly one but whenever I go away I always seem to forget to drink. Now I make sure that when I get to the hotel I have a litre bottle of water with me. When I go to restaurants, even if I am drinking alcohol I make sure I have some ice water there as well. Your kidneys take a real beating if you are dehydrated so I definitely recommend having a bottle of water with you pretty much always

Supplements - I tend not to take too many supplements mainly because I'm a bit forgetful, however you guys will know in the past I have tried out collagen sachets that you add to water but recently I was gifted some Hellenia supplement powder* which is actually for your joints. I actually have quite loose hip joints, I can pop my leg out of it's socket but I have found that recently one of my hips hurts a little when kept in a certain position which scares the hell out of me in all honesty, so anything I can do to help my joints I'm willing to give it a go. The thing I like about this powder is that it's preservative free, GMO free and purine free.

Food - I'm gonna sound a bit like a broken record but I do genuinely believe that the cleaner you eat the more your body will that you! I mean have you looked at some of the ingredients in our food? Some of the preservatives are just too much. In yoghurt coated raisins there is actually shellac on them, to make them shiny, the shellac is a secretion from the butt of an insect found in Asia, I mean really? I'm not saying I don't eat junk food but I definitely try and make sure that the ratio of clean food to junk food is higher.

Walking - I know what you're thinking, Toni, you're stating the obvious but you'd be surprised just what walking can do. When I moved to Florence I didn't join a gym and the only way I could try and maintain some level of fitness was by walking up massive hills, it gets your heart rate up, clears your mind and works the ol' glutes so it really is a solid all rounder in terms of health.

Skin care - I'm gonna go into this one in a little more detail in a separate post in terms of products I use but I am definitely a believer in keeping things simple. I used to have very bad acne and I used possibly every spot treatment known to man which did absolutely nothing, in fact some of them were so abrasive that it probably made my skin a whole lot worse. I had to go on medication to get rid of it and since then I have been so paranoid about what I put on my face, it's only recently that I decided to start to use products again. Now I am using very simplistic things on my face I'm really starting to notice a difference.

Those are my tips for how I look after my body, what are yours?

*product gifted


  1. I'm so healthy but I always fall into the trap of doing really well through the week and completely binging at the weekend! To stop this happening so frequently I got a personal trainer who I see twice a week- so good for keeping me on track and giving me the kick up the arse I need to see some results!

    Claudia xx

    1. I used to have a personal trainer as well, she was fab! Weekends are definitely tough though xx

  2. Lovely little tips, I don't drink nearly enough water and I really need to find the motivation to exercise... Lovely post :)

    Lauren |

    1. I never used to, I have to carry a bottle of water with me otherwise I completely forget! Haha!xx

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