1 May 2016

Embracing the Unexpected | Lifestyle

Which if you think about it is a tricky thing to do, because if you don't know about it, how can you enjoy it?

I don't know whether this is something that is coming with age or it's just my mindset that is changing, maybe both, but basically over the last few months I've really started to realise that unexpected and unplanned things are truly something amazing! As a girl I think it's quite a common trait to over think things and to analyse, it's definitely in my nature. However, speaking specifically about the move to Italy, when the opportunity came up to work out here it changed how I saw my life! Moving to Florence was not my dream, it's not something I've ever wanted to do nor is it something I thought I would ever do, so when this opportunity came up I looked at it from a different perspective and took almost all of my over analysing questions out of the equation and just simply thought, do I want to do it? Am I happy? The answer was yes so I just did it and if it didn't work out, well I have lost absolutely nothing! It's filtered through into other aspects of my life because when something completely unexpected happens, I just switch off and focus on how I'm feeling in that exact moment! Sometimes you have to look at a situation and just say, it is what it is and frickin' run with it.

I could have seriously stressed myself out with moving out here, I could have had sleepless nights, everything but because everything happened so quick and wasn't expected at all I just felt really at ease with just taking everything at a slower pace and just taking everything for what it is. I have never felt more relaxed about so many aspects of my life, back home I would stress about everything, all the small things all the things out of my control but out here I just feel like everything will figure itself out. I kinda love that right now, I have no idea where anything is going, but I'm just loving the journey. 

Are you an over thinker or do you just love not knowing?

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