22 May 2016

5 Truths about Italy | Lifestyle

A little light hearted post to day, I thought I would just tell you 5 things I have noticed about living in Italy,

Pizza and Pasta
I mean, I hate to stereotype here but I have never consumed so much pizza and so much pasta! They really do love it out here, the style is different to the pizza back home and the quality of the ingredients really are second to none but it's true the Italians really like their food and put a lot of effort and passion into what they prepare, you can really tell. 

I would probably use the word passionate, but the Italians are very tactile and expressive! It doesn't matter where you are, if an Italian person has a point to make everyone needs to hear about it! Additionally to this they actually use hand signals and movements a lot, it's pretty interesting because ever signal means something, needless to say I have learnt the hand signal for vagina, commonly used when someone is being a twat. 

Everything can either be done later or tomorrow! When it comes to going out, us Brits like to go out for a little drink and dinner about 7 but in italy you are actually laughed at if you go out for dinner that early it really isn't unusual to leave your apartment at midnight to meet for drinks with your pals at midnight! The Italians are never in a rush! 

Italian men
Ok, so I haven't actually had much first hand experience with this one, but I have had a few guys be pretty forward with me in bars, I think this kinda falls into my second point, the Italian people can be blunt and to the point! Though I did just wanna point out to all the people who said "you're blonde, the men will love you in italy" all lies, I've yet to have a single man fall to his knees and beg for my hand in marriage, however this may be more linked to my troll like features more than anything

The Coffee
When I live back in the UK I wasn't really into drinking coffee, however everything changes when I came out here, it's just so smooth and delicious I always opt for a Cafe Lungo, which basically means long coffee. The sizes are different, you walk into a bar and ask for a cafe, you're getting an espresso sized coffee if you want a very watery coffee like in England you have to ask for an Americano. I must admit, the coffee out here has spoiled my taste buds, because every single coffee I have had outside of Italy has been vile. 

So there are 5 fun truths about Italy. Have you ever visited, can you relate to this? 


  1. This is so interesting. I haven't been to Italy, and if I will, I'll eat pizza and pasta everyday. Haha!

    Love, Fads

    1. You should totally go to Italy, it's beautiful and the food is amazing xx

  2. This was so interesting, it's my dream to go to Italy and I adore pizza and pasta haha! It sounds such a lovely lifestyle and the weather always seems to look amazing :D you are so lucky! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. I am pretty lucky I must admit! You should come and visit Italy xx

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