15 May 2016

Trip to Porto, Day 3 | Travel

The last day... how heartbreaking ay!

No trip to Porto would be complete without a trip to at least one of the port cellars. On the side of the river with the cable car is basically where you will find all of the port houses and caves, really popular ports like Taylor's, Cockburns  (pronounced Co'burns because let's face it, nobody wants cock burn) and Offley but there are some lesser known houses (well to me anyway) such as Calem, Sandeman and Barros. So many options but which one do you choose? In all honesty, I think they would all be great but we went for Calem's tour, bearing in mind it was our last day we didn't want to venture too far so Calem is based on the river front, nice and easy to get to! We decided to go nice and early at 10:30 to make sure we could fit other things into our last day, the tour started at 10:45 and was only 6€ each which again I think was such a good price, the whole time I never once thought oh, that's a bit pricey! Anyway, I digress, the tour was hosted by a wonderful guy who really explained everything in great detail, there are actually like 4 different types of port, White, Rosé, Ruby and Tawny. Ruby is probably the most commonly known in the UK at least and looks exactly the same as red wine bur tastes sweeter, where as Tawny which you guys know throughout the trip I've had quite a dabble in, is lighter in colour but tastes more like a whiskey, then the White I'd say isn't very far off from dessert wine but far smoother and Rosé is part of the Ruby family but the grape isn't left for as long which creates the lighter colour. We went through the different ways in which the ports are made and after the tour got to try a White and a Tawny, bloody delicious I tell ya!

After the tour we decided to have lunch by the river one last time, there was a nice little restaurant that it a little higher up than the river so gives a bit of a better view, I decided to have a nice big glass of sangria which was really nice and refreshing whilst we decided what last things we could squeeze into the day. We did decide on visiting one of the most famous cafes in Porto which is called Majestic Café, it was so delicate in design and kind made me think of the titanic when I saw it, it was busy because it's a real tourist hotspot but we actually managed to get a table very easily in there when I first arrived I thought we would struggle or that there would be a queue but actually we had no problem what so ever. Having looked at the menu we opted for tea and scones...very British I know but I kinda missed some home comforts. They had run out of scones so we did have to wait for new ones to be baked but I mean who doesn't love freshly baked warmed scones? I would say it was a little fancy but you did have people from all walks of life having a drink or food so I felt very relaxed there. After this little break, we decided it was time to make our way to the airport...

In all honesty, Porto took me by surprise in many ways, I never expected it to be so beautiful, the people were amazing and so friendly, we walked everywhere but it's so well connected you could get the metro or bus, I would go back there in a heart beat.  It's just a shame with these types of holidays because as soon as you land it's like the hour glass has just been turned over and it's the countdown before it's over. This being said, we definitely made the most out of it and I'd say if you like exploring you need to go to Porto.

There we have it, did you enjoy my little travel posts? I want to know one city you unexpectedly fell in love with!


  1. Porto looks amazing, I have never visited this city but I went to Lisbon and loved it. The wine tour sounds great and you're absolutely right, with these types of holidays it is like an hour glass has just been turned over - that's why I love doing work& travel, you actually get to live at a place. xx

    1. I personally really loved Porto and would definitely go again! I travel a lot for work too and totally agree with you!!xx