28 August 2016

Writer's Block | Blogging

Whether you are writing blog posts or essays at university or doing presentations at work, everyone goes through a period of writer's block. It's that moment where you are feeling completely uninspired and you just don't know what do say.

I love writing, I always have and I've had my blog for nearly 3 years and it's only really this year that it has changed into a much more wordy being and actually just a lifestyle blog. Now I just kind of write about what I am up to and just my general thoughts which is great but it's quite hard to write about that stuff if you're just feeling a bit shit in all honesty. However, I'm quite fortunate in the sense I have always been pretty organised with my blog which means I have several drafts and only post once a week, as much as it breaks my heart to say that. This means, I can literally take a month off and no one would know because every Sunday something will pop up. 

In July, I just really struggled to write, no matter how many beautiful walks I went on, no matter how many delicious dinners and drinks I had, I just felt like I had no words to write.

So at the end of July, all of a sudden I only had two posts left and knew I needed to write something. Quite often people say you can't force things you just have to go at your own pace which to a point agree with, however another really big part of me believes sometimes you just need to suck it up and push through it which is kinda what I did. On Sunday I was looking around my room thinking about something to write when I thought why not a beauty post? Beauty was originally what I wrote about when I first started but this year I became bored of it but it's something that comes quite easily to me and I was trying out a new skincare product so I thought I would just try it. It kinda worked because it just got me into the natural rhythm of writing again.

I do think sometimes everyone needs a break so I never feel bad about taking time off my blog bit I definitely felt that recently it wasn't so much of a break as opposed to actually not wanting to write, ever! So I felt that teasing out the words a little bit was the best way to get around it.

I must admit that during my break I kinda wished I had a vlog channel or something because it would just be easier to ramble to a camera as opposed to sitting and writing but it's too time consuming and you need a lot of stuff so I considered snap chat but I'm still not sure.

What are your tips for when you feel uninspired?


  1. I've been going through the exact same thing, hadn't posted in over a year until today but I'm determined to stay inspired and keep posting regularly this time! Hope you manage to find your inspiration too :)


    1. I think a lot of bloggers are feeling the same at the moment! But it's just about finding your rhythm again!!xx

  2. I remember when I was studying Journalism in High School, I used to go through the motions with writers block. I think it's all about having some me time, whether that be taking a break for a few days, going for a walk or talking it out with someone - it's certainly helped me! x

    1. Yeah but I think sometimes you have to push through and carry on writing otherwise you never get back into the rhythm!xx