30 November 2016

Sarah Happ Lip Scrub | Beauty

Sarah Happ Lip Scrub

Sarah Happ Lip Scrub

So Lip Scrub is a thing! I feel like this year with the Kylie Jenner over hyped lips, I have seen every huge beauty blogger using lip scrub before they apply the ultra matte liquid lipsticks. I however never really got into the matte trend, I love a nude lip and I love a creamy nude lip but matte just seems a little too much for me, considering most of my make up is kinda dewy anyway so a matte lip looks a little odd. 

However I think everyone can agree that lip care is like super important, we've all been there when we are a little lazy an forget the ol' lip balm and then you go to smile and your lip bloody cracks...the pain! Personally, I always sleep in lip balm so that I don't spend the day reapplying and then licking it off then needed to use more as I think this creates a bigger problem. I went to a work event in October and got a whole bunch of freebies and this Sara Happ Lip Scrub was one of them so I thought I would give it ago and see what all the fuss is about. 

I have to mention the scent, oh my god, Midnight Blueberry was everything I hoped it would be, smelled divine and I wanted to eat the damn thing, but you can't (booo).I must admit it did feel a little weird when I first used it because the skin on your lips is actually quite delicate and here I am using something so abrasive on it, but I tried to be a little gentle. Once you rub it all over your lips you need to remove it with some tissue, it doesn't have an unpleasant taste but it does have a kind of cosmetic zing to it. First thing I noticed was that my lips kinda felt a bit tingly, it doesn't have anything in it to make them tingle but they just felt a little weird for like 5 mins. Then I noticed that my lips looked actually quite plump, amazing! I don't have flat lips but my top lip is a little meh but after using the Sara Happ product I could kind see why now all the girls have a scrub in their lip care regime. It was really good a removing some dry skin on my lips for sure. 

I will probably use this lip scrub every now and then, for me I just can't get my head around using such an abrasive product on my lips, but I would say that if you do already use lip scrubs then you need to check out Sara Happ products, they even have a Red Velvet Cake scented one which smells delicious. I would say it was a little on the pricer side and I know that Lush does a range of lip scrubs that are a little friendlier on the ol' purse. 

What are your thoughts on lip scrubs?


  1. My lips feel god awful lately. I've got a split in the middle and they're getting dry! Sob. I definitely need to give my lips some TLC, this lip scrub sounds gentle enough, and the blueberry scent sounds amazing! I wonder how nice the red velvet cake one is...


    1. I get that a lot as well dear, this is why i smother my lips in balm at night to try and help it!! The red velvet cake one smells divine!!!! xx