14 December 2016

NYX Lip Lingerie | Beauty

NYX Lip Lingerie

NYX Lip Lingerie Bedtime Flirt Swatch

There has been a lot of buzz around the NYX Lip Lingerie lipsticks in the beauty blogger bubble and guys, you know me by now I am of course late to the party as usual but I feel like I have a legit excuse this time...the fact is I never ever wear matte lip can you understand my avoidance? 

I feel like NYX is a brand I only started hearing more about last year, all of a sudden they were popping up all over the place. The brilliant thing about NYX products are that they're a fantastic price, for the quality of the product. I have in fact tried the NYX Butter Glosses  which I was pretty much obsessed with especially that Creme Brulee shade so I knew that this one would be good. 

If you guys didn't know, I'm a massive nude lip fan, I don't like anything bold on my lips because I am all about the eyes, so something simple, yet sexy, on my lips works perfect for me. I feel like NYX offer a really great range of nude lipsticks/glosses which is why I reached for the Lip Lingeries without even realising they were matte. I will say I feel that the colour in the tube looks a little different to the actual colour of the product and looks COMPLETELY different to how it photgraphs. I ended up with Bedtime Flirt...I'm a sucker for a fun name, but in my pictures it looks to have very strong orange undertones which it really doesn't. Don't get me wrong, this does have a more brown undertone than most nudes but I would say it is a bit more pink in real life. I picked this shade because I really wanted to go for a "my lips but better look" plus considering I have never worn matte lip products before it wouldn't matter too much if I forget to reapply or it wipes off when I am eating. 

I found using the product super easy because the applicator is quite long so just little swipes and you're pretty much done. I found the Lip Lingerie didn't dry too quickly, it gave you enough time to pat it into your lip and clear up any mistakes really easily. Once dry, it didn't feel uncomfortable, I was aware I was wearing a matte product but it didn't feel like my lips were too dry or too stiff. In terms of longevity, if you're eating, it's gonna come off, probably because I obsessively wipe my mouth after every bite, but if you are having drinks or whatever I found this lasts really well, even when drinking straight from the glass.

Overall, I am in love with this NYX Lip Lingerie!! All I need to do now, is try out more shades!! 

Have you tried out this NYX product? 

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