28 December 2016

Two Faced Natural Eyes Palette | Beauty

Too Faced Natural Eyes

Too Faced Natural Eyes

I bloody love an eye shadow palette and oh boy did I go through a stage of buying ALL OF THEM. In fact when I moved to Florence I realised I had a bit of a problem, but I have never tried any Too Faced products before until I stumbled on this gorgeous Natural Eyes palette.

The first thing that drew me to the Natural Eyes palette was that it is very compact and in a metal tin so it's so easy just to throw in you bag to take away with you and you don't have to worry about it getting damaged. I have always been a fan of glitter/shimmer shades but I haven't really played around with the matte shades until I bought this palette. As you can see Natural Eyes has a fantastic range of nude and chocolately shimmery shades so I was definitely a fan. The palette actually comes with a little leaflet to help create the perfect eye look but even if you look at the layout of the pan it's pretty self explanatory. 

You have 9 shades in this Too Faced palette which is broken up into 3 looks, Day, Classic and Fashion, you start left to right so the bigger pans are for all over the eye lid etc. Or you can be a little rebel, like I know you are, and just mix whatever shades you want!  I really love the simplicity of the Natural Eyes palette. If I am going for a super natural day look I definitely use Heaven and Cashmere Bunny, I think it creates the most perfect sultry look for me. I tend not to use Sexspresso because I use liquid eyeliner on my top lid anyway so there isn't much point in using it on my lash line. I also think Push-Up and Silk Teddy really gorgeous shimmery shades and use them if I want to add a bit of sparkle. Honey Pot is beautiful but it leans toward a more orange tone which doesn't always work for my skin tone, though perhaps with a tan it would be great.  

The shades in the Natural Eyes palette are super pigmented but can blend out really easily too so I think it's a palette that is just so easy to fall in love with.  The mirror isn't huge, like you can't do a full face of make up but you can totally do you eyes and eyebrows in it or use it for a quick touch up half way through the day. 

This Natural Eyes does retail for around £32 which could be argued that it is a little pricey but I think the fact it comes in a tin and has 9 really wearable shades, it's worth it, like I don't use any other palettes now. In terms of longevity of the shadows, I think they last really well, especially the matte shades, there is a bit of fall out with some of the shimmers, but I mean, name a shimmer shadow that doesn't have a little fall out, it's to be expected! Overall, love, love, love this eye shadow palette. 

What is your go to eye shadow palette?

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