18 December 2016

The Christmas Playlist | Lifestyle

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As you are reading this post I am in fact getting myself ready for a 2 day car ride back to England from Florence with my dad! I'm not gonna lie, I am bloody looking forward to it and I mean, who wouldn't love a road trip!! 

As we will be arriving in England just before Christmas, you best believe I'm gonna have my playlist ready, though somehow I don't think my Dad with enjoy it quite as much when I am singing along at the top of my lungs...awks! So I am just gonna link below 5 of my fave Christmas songs ever!   

Driving Home for Christmas  - Chris Rhea 
Well this one just had to make it in really, ever since I knew that my dad was picking me up I have had it on a constant loop in my head! It's just one of those songs that everyone can relate to because everyone works on Christmas Eve, doctors and nurses work Christmas day and once that shift is done is there any better feeling than knowing you are going home? 

Last Christmas - Wham
Now guys...this is my JAM!! Like don't even test me, I know all the words and have mimed singing to it a thousand times. I love the dramatic heartbreak of this song and again we've all be there, in love with someone and the POOF  year goes by and you aren't with them. To be honest I also really love the moody video!

All I want For Christmas Is You- Mariah Carey 
I mean, do you even REALLY need me to explain this one? Every girl thinks they are Mariah when it comes on and thinks they can hit those high notes when in reality they sound like a bunch of cats fighting but do we! It's super happy and upbeat, it's everything you want in a Christmas song

Merry Christmas  Everyone - Shakin' Stevens
Oh I've gone a bit old skool with this one and quite frankly I don't give a damn! If this song can't crack a smile or make you want to shuffle along with it, you my friend are dead inside, but you're lucky, I'm feeling festive so I'll like you anyway! 

Fairytale of New York - The Pogues
What a song to end on, it's raw and aggressive it's got a couple who have clearly been together too long but the sentiment is there. It's a little something for the realists out there who are fed up with the tinsel and sparkle who just want to say Merry Christmas in their own way.  

There we have 5 of my fave Christmas songs! 

What is your ALL TIME fave Christmas tune? 


  1. I don't usually listen to Mariah Carey but her christmas songs are SO upbeat and do damn catchy, haha