15 February 2017

Buying a Designer Bag | Fashion

Designer Handbags

All of a sudden Luxury bags seem to be accessible for everyone, you know what I am talking about. We spend so much time on social media and how frequently do we see that perfectly placed Gucci or Chloe bag in an OTTD? I think because these designer bags are in our face all the time, it becomes something that everyone wants and in some cases gets. 

Today I just want to go through a few tips that someone may find useful when looking for their first or next investment purchase of a designer handbag. Slight disclaimer, I don't have many I have 2, I have the beautiful Gucci Dionysus and a cute Mulberry Small Lily bag, but luxury fashion is something I am passionate about so here we go...

What brands do YOU like? 
I think it's really easy to look on social media and see the same bags that every blogger is promoting and you kind of get swayed into thinking that's the one you like. There are a lot of multibrand retailers like NAP or Farfetch or Mytheresa that tend to sell the most popular items but I would say have a look at the Brands actual website first. You have to remember that on the retailer websites they have a curated selection of the brand, go to Gucci for example, see the whole l range because you might see something you actually like more that not everyone will have. 

Sales, Sales, Sales!
January is by far the best time to look for these little gems. Of course it would be wonderful if we could buy designer at full priced all the time but you can be savvy about these things. For example, I have loved the Mulberry Lily bag for quite some time but wouldn't buy it at full price. Mulberry is actually going through a little rebrand which means the cute little Mulberry Tree is gone to be replaced with the rather simplistic logo of Mulberry, this means some stock has to go. So in the January sale I found a lot of gorgeous bags reduced to great prices, it would also appear that the new versions of the Lily will not have the silver hardware so you best believe that little baby was in the sale. Always check the sales. 

Have a look in person! 
This one can be a little tricky if you don't live close to a luxury boutique or whatever but for example, if I hadn't seen the Gucci in real life I would never have purchased it, in real life it's a bloody work of art. On the other hand, I bought the small Lily online and it was a little smaller than I anticipated but still so versatile and I am still so happy anyway but there is always that risk with buying online.  Also, if you go in store you can try it on and see how it looks on you and where it sits on your body.

Perfect for you!
People will always have their opinions which is great, but if you are thinking about spending this kind of money then you really need to be 100% happy with it. I don't like gold hardware, I only wear silver or white gold jewellery so there is no point in me buying a bag with gold hardware. Also, I can't stand bags with huge logos, at lot of Saint Laurent ones have it emblazoned on the front and I just would never buy a bag with that, it's a bit flash for me. My motto is, if you know it's a designer bag then you know, if you don't, then it doesn't matter.

Look after it! 
The wonderful thing about designer bags is that almost all of them come with a dust bag so always, always put it in at night or after you have used it. The reality is that you probably aren't gonna wear your designer bag every damn day so pop the stuffing back in, wrap it in it's little dust bag and it will be perfect for when you do want to use it. Also think about the material the bag is made out of, my Gucci one is suede, suede does not wear well so if it looks like it's gonna rain all day probably best not to take it out. My Mulberry is grained leather which means it should wear quite well but is a Taupe colour so I'm aware that dye from black jeans MAY run onto it. 

The highstreet does some really nice dupes at far more affordable prices but if you are like me and don't like dupes and are happy to save your little pennies for an eternity  then you crack on dear! 

What was your first luxury purchase? 


  1. that little Mulberry is super cute! I like to get my designers from selfridges!

    1. You know, I have never purchased from Selfridges before! xx

  2. I am forever swooning over your Gucci bag! xx


  3. Love your designer bags - especially the Gucci, it's high up on my wishlist! My absolute dream bag though is the Chanel classic flap, but given the continually raising extortionate price, I don't see myself getting my hands on it anytime soon! :( haha
    great post. x

    1. I love Chanel bags but I just cannot justify the price tag! I just admire from afar!!xx