12 February 2017

How to get a new job | Lifestyle


As you will know, I quit my job last year and returned back to the UK without having another one lined up. Today I just wanted to give some tips that some people my find helpful, obviously your CV is the most important thing but I think the below tips can help in the way you attack looking for a job if you are unemployed. Starting with...

Your mindset...
So you don't have a job, that doesn't mean you stay in bed until noon watching Jeremy Kyle. You need to act as if you still have a job, get up, have a coffee, have some breakfast, turn your laptop on and start searching. "Looking for a job" is your new job. New jobs are added daily, be aware of what going on, email the recruiters and be available

Industry Aware...
Are you looking for a job in the fashion industry? Does the health or food vertical interest you? Then sign up to industry related newsletter and websites. This will mean that even though you aren't working you are still keeping your mind active and engaged in the industry you care about. You never know if something you read two days ago might be used in an interview it could show you know what you are talking about. 

Your phone...
It literally needs to be on you all the damn time! I am known for having my phone on mute all the time but I found it is so important to have your phone set to loud because you can hear it ringing and can pick it up. Also, when I get a call from an unknown number that could be a recruiter I always answer "Hello, Toni speaking" it cuts out the ambiguity and question over whether the recruiter has the right number or whatever, gets straight to the point

Work with recruiters...
I know some recruiters are bloody awful and send over jobs that just aren't right but there are some fantastic ones. I would say look on LinkedIn, the really big companies don't have time to recruit so they outsource it so you need to be speaking to those guys. If you work on specific channels or areas of marketing, most recruiting agencies there will be a person who actively recruits for that channel as well so don't be afraid to mention in your email which specific area you want a job in they can always redirect you to the right person. However, always continue to apply for jobs that aren't through recruiters as well because you just never know. 

Be honest...
About your expectations, about your salary, about what you want. I know salary can be a little tricky but after a while you start learning what the industry standard is and you know what you're asking for is fair. When you receive a job spec make sure you read all of the details and be honest with whether you think you can actually do it! 

Be prepared...
I found out that a lot of roles these days expect a lot, a huge amount before they offer you a job. Many require presentations where they will not give you any details or stats just that you have to do a presentation on strategy for the year or quarter. I do think this is unrealistic but I would suggest creating a template of general strategy so that when it is asked you just have to tweak it a little and do it. I completed a 10 page presentation that I didn't even use but at least it was there in case I did.  

There we have just a few tips to keep you focused on finding a new job, there are loads out there you just have to keep you head up, your mind focused and keep applying. 

Do you have any tips for finding a new job? 


  1. Great tips, lovely! I left a job I was absolutely miserable in in November, took a voluntary demotion and started afresh as a legal secretary! My ultimate tips would be to keep an eye out on LinkedIn for job openings and to submit speculative applications to places you'd love to work, but that aren't necessarily hiring. I actually secured my current job by submitting a speculative application following a previously unsuccessful interview with the same firm, and on the off chance, they had a brand new opening and I got it!xx

    Laura |
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    1. That's a really good tip! Sometimes you just never know!!xx