19 February 2017

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Healthy Habits

Guys, I have got a new job, but I actually work a lot from home, which of course is fab, I mean no awful commute into London and I get to wear face masks whilst I write emails.However as soon as I started my new job, I knew I had to quickly sort out my eating habits because I love to snack and if I am in a house full of temptation then I'm just gonna get a bit fat. So here are some tips for keeping healthy when working from home...

Drink water
I mean, obviously!! But in all honesty I think water is a really big thing to me, I tend to snack absentmindedly when the reality is I don't actually need something to eat, it's actually thirst! I also like to drink lots of water because I feel like it flushes all the toxins out of my body, which I'm not sure if that's actually true, but it makes me feel better. 

Plan your meals
I know what I am having for lunch and dinner each day! I frickin' love a routine so if I know I have a chicken soup for lunch and fish for dinner. Also it makes me excited because I know what's coming up. When you haven't done any planning you run the risk of eating something that is quick or easy like a take away or just some mircowave meal 

Snack wise
Apples...the magic of apples! I have been saying this for years, I love an apple! They are refreshing and surprisingly filling because they are such high in fibre so it's just like the perfect little snack! 

Break bad habits
Now is the time to really reduce the amount of processed food in your body! I don't mean cut it out completely but just reduce it, you'll notice the difference so quickly. Another thing to consider is the amount of food and I'm not talking calories, just sheer volume. The thing is you have to remember that working from home you are doing far less activity than what you would usually do, so you don't actually need to eat the same amount as you did previously. I think it's all about being mindful! 

Allow a little treat
There is no way I can give up chocolate, it isn't gonna happen because I don't want to, I love the stuff! This being said I do reduce the amount of chocolate I eat in a week! When I was in Florence I got into a really bad habit of eating quite a lot of chocolate a day, I kind of had to wean myself off it a bit. Some weekends I have noodles from my local noodle bar and share a side or whatever but I'm not gonna demonise myself for this because the majority of my week has been good! 

What are your healthy habits?


  1. My biggest problem is that i never plan what i'm going to eat, so when I get home at 8PM and I'm starving I just eat whatever I see first! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    1. Ah I was guilty of this a lot when I worked in London! I definitely think meal prepping makes things a lot easier!xx

  2. Great tips! I always have an apple each day to keep me going x

    Everything But The Kitchen

    1. I always have mine straight out of the fridge!! Love 'em!xx