16 August 2017

Fashion Faves | Fashion

Ok so before any one says anything yes I know, an ocean of black but genuinely black is my happy colour, I like styling it up with bright coloured accessories so now that's out of the way we shall continue to talk about some of my fashion faves at the moment! Most of these items are nothing ground breaking but so me these kinds of things are more of my everyday/essential items of clothing that personally I think everyone should have in their wardrobe! 

The Wrap Dress... 
I must admit this one took my by surprise because I never really thought about adding a wrap dress to my wardrobe until everyone and their damn dog had one this year! I have always liked the wrap dress but struggle to find on that really suits me but I stumbled across one from New Look in the sale for like £9 and bought it on a whim! The one in the picture is similar but not the same, this one is a Topshop wrap dress. When my dress arrived honestly, I fell in love! The shape is so flattering and mine has little frills on it which gives it a little movement! There are a LOT of different wrap dresses out there right now so you should definitely try some on and add one of these to your wardrobe. 

Black Jeans...
I have needed some new jeans for a while and as my arse has become decidedly bigger it was about time I went on the dreaded jean shop! I haven't shopped in Topshop for year but basically the only reason I went in was because I knew they did jeans and I ended up with the Topshop Jamie Jeans slightly high waisted, claim to be ankle grazers but I got them in a long length so can't really tell the difference to normal jeans to be fair! They're quite a nice fit, I do like them and I honestly feel no wardrobe is complete without some black skinnies! 

Puma Trainers...
I frickin love the style of the Puma Creepers and I even bought a pair of the Rhianna Fenty X Puma ones and I think they are bloody gorgeous! I really like the creeper style and you can get a lot of different colour ways but I don't think you can ever go wrong with black on black but let me tell you where you can go wrong...THE MATERIAL! I got the velvet ones and they do not wear well at all, they started to crack and now they look so rough but I have had a lot of use out of them but it's time I bought some more and I shall definitely be buying the creeper style again! 

Leather Skirt...
This is another item I never knew I needed until I tried it on! I frickin' love this New Look Faux Leather Skirt . I'm fortunate in the sense I have an hour glass shape but I don't often wear things to show it off but this skirt really pulls you in at the waist and the flares out so lovely over the hips! Even though it's faux leather I don't fine it too restrictive and coupled with a black bodysuit it looks really good, which actually takes me nicely onto the...

I must admit, I never really thought about wearing a body suit at all until I got that damn leather skirt and I kinda new what look I wanted in my head so I had to buy the Asos Tall Bodysuit, I opted for a tall version because I really wanted it to fit nicely! 

Not quite for your wardrobe but lets say your underwear drawer, I have to say that if you have big boobs it's gonna be hard to find one that actually fits good! I have quite a small back which means I can wear some high street bralettes but not all because I need larger cups! I think this one fro H&M is really cute but I think Primark have some fantastic ones as well! I think these are a great addition to your wardrobe because on those days you wanna dress super casual wearing a no padded, lacy little number underneath can change the whole thing! 

There we have a few of my fashion faves that I personally think should be in everyone's wardrobe! 

What items do you have in your wardrobe that you just love? 


  1. I love black too, it's just the most perfect colour haha. That wrap dress is gorgeous - I got a playsuit very similar but it was too baggy so I had to send it back :( I have an hourglass figure too and I've found it so hard to find a leather skirt that fits perfectly - deffo gonna have to hunt this one out now! :)

    Great post!

    Tania | Teabee - UK Lifestyle, Beauty & Travel Blog xx

    1. Personally I would say size up with the leather skirt dear, there isn't much in it but fits hips much better! :) xx