13 August 2017

Handmade Burger Co, Lincoln | Food

Handmade Burger Co

Handmade Burger Co

It's been a little while since I have done a foodie post and that is purely because my pictures have turned out crap for all of them! That said, today I am talking about this bloody delicious meal from Homemade Burger Co in Lincoln, I mean, doesn't it look good! There are a few Homemade Burger Co dotted around the UK but when I was in Lincoln last this was the first time I'd ever bloody heard of it! All you need to now about the restaurant can be found in the name alone, purely and simply they make handmade burgers, so if you are a bit of a burger fan like me, then you're gonna need to check them out! 

The Handmade Burger Co menu is actually pretty extensive and do offer veggie options as well as gluten free options so they do accommodate dietary needs! The burger pictured is actually from the Pit Range which is a few select burger inspired by BBQ and you guys bloody know I love a BBQ! This one is Buffalo Chicken Burger and I'll be honest with you, I picked it because it had onion rings on it, I mean, whats not to love about a burger AND onion rings! 

The Buffalo Chicken Burger has a smokey but slightly spicy sauce drizzles over the chicken that was more spicy than I was expecting but still not too bad! Sometimes with chicken burger the chicken can be a little dry but this one wasn't at all and personally I thought you got quite a lot it was like 2 mini fillets which I prefer to just one slab of chicken. Plus with a bit of  bacon thrown in for good measure you really can't go wrong with this burger! 

Halloumi Fries

Handmade Burger Co Chips

Moving onto the sides, well, when I saw they did halloumi fries you best believe I had to order a portion! Personally I thought they were a little stingy with how many you got, I literally got 4, 4 is definitely not enough because I bloody love halloumi. This said, they did taste delicious, the batter was light and crispy and the cheese are a nice thick chunk so if they would have given me another two, I wouldn't have grumbled! Moving onto the chips, Handmade Burger Co actually do a lot of different style chips with different toppings and we opted for just the normal chips which as you can see did NOT disappoint! They actually reminded me a little like chip shop chips which are my fave and the portion was bloody big , we actually had to leave some behind much to my heartache! 

I really enjoyed my meal at Handmade Burger Co, it's the perfect place for the perfect burger! 

What burger places do you love to visit? 


  1. Girl after my own heart there it's always about the onion rings with the burger!! I tried my first Handmade Burger co the other month and it was indeed delish, I did not rate their PB Milkshake though it was utter pants. I do love a Byron burger they are always spot on xx

    1. Oh I frickin' LOVE Byron!!!! They do fab burgers!xx