9 August 2017

Lush Solid Shampoo Bars | Beauty

Lush Solid Shampoo Bars

I have this problem with Lush and it's mainly that when I walk in, I cannot walk out without buying at least one thing! I usually opt for the bath bombs but this time I was browsing the solid shampoo bars, just a heads up guys there are LOADS of them! I was drawn to the solid shampoo bars because I have heard quite a few good things about them so I was rather intrigued by them. 

I had to ask one of the lush employees how the hell you use the damn things though because I wouldn't know where to start and she advised you can use them two ways. The first way is to lather it up in your hands and then massage into your scalp and the second way was to rub the bar actually on the roots of your hair and then work it into a lather. This said, because I know my hair is very fine and my scalp gets greasy quite quickly I thought I would probably try the first method. Whilst I was chatting to the Lush gal, I mentioned my hair type and she suggested the Montalbano bar because it has lemon in it, it's quite light and fresh on your hair! Also, a fund fact for the blondes out there lemon is a natural lightener and works wonderfully on your hair.

Montalbano Solid Shampoo Bar

Right from the first use of this product I was in love, I foamed it up in my hand and the scent was incredible but once you put it on the scalp it literally doubles in foaminess, like it's quite impressive really! Once  washed it out and blow dried my hair I was amazing how soft my hair was after! Citrus works really well on my fine hair so this bar definitely didn't weigh down my hair at all,even my boyfriend tried it out and really liked it! 

Honey I Washed My Hair Solid Shampoo Bar

I also wanted to try out the Honey I washed My Hair shampoo bar even though the Lush gal advised it might be a little too heavy for my hair, the thing is my hair is really fine but is also is quite damaged and whilst this may be a little heavy on the roots it may actually nourish the ends of my hair! I can't help it, I like the scent of honey and I just needed it in my life so I bloody bought it anyway! It definitely is a different consistency and oddly enough it adds a lot of volume to my hair which I wasn't expecting at all! 

The only thing I would say is these bars are a little difficult to store as personally I don't like leaving them on the side near the shower but I just have a little plastic container to keep them in, it's just something to bear in mind. 

I am obsessed with both of these bars but the Montalbano shampoo bar is literally a game changer and will be something I will repurchase again and again! 

Have you tried solid shampoo bars before?

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