2 August 2017

Monthly Beauty Favourites | Beauty

I rarely ever do a monthly favourites style of post but I just feel like I have discovered some real gems this month so I wanted to share it with you guys with a combination of skincare and make up! 

Let's start with the Melting Gel Cleanser from the B. range that I recently wrote about in my cruelty free skincare blog post, this cleanser definitely took me a little while to get used to because it's a different product, it goes from a sticky gel to a smooth oil and washes off to a milky kinda fluid but I have noticed over time my skin is actually looking really good! It's a product that's very easy to use too much of, but once you get used to the quantities it's a dream! This product leaves my skin looking so fresh, you really do notice a difference after a couple of weeks or so. I tend to use this gel before using The Body Shop's Pure Resurfacing Liquid Peel which is a product that I have HAD to include in this monthly favourites because it's so bloody good! 

The Pure Resurfacing Liquid Peel is a bit of a game changer for me, it's a unique product in the sense that it kind of clumps up on your skin but from the first time I used the product I noticed a difference immediately, my skin is so smooth just after one use! I tend to use this product 2 or 3 times a week and it is bloody fab! I wasn't even going to buy this product but it was more of an after thought but I am so glad I did! 

Keeping with The Body Shop, how could I NOT include the Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil, to say I am obsessed is an understatement, trust me! I think the scent plays a very big part in my obssession with this oil but more than that it's the way my skin feels after using this oil! In all honesty, I think it has moved me away from using creamy moisturisers just because the oil nourishes my skin in a completely different way to other moisturisers! 

Moving onto make up, I have to mention this Barry M Lip Paint, I actually haven't written a review about this lipstick before because it's something that goes at the bottom of my make up bag and just forget about it! That said, this month I have found myself reaching for it a lot more because it's not a matte finish which means it's a little kinder on the lips! This is a very nude shade with orange undertones, I like to apply it by just dabbing it on my lips and almost patting it into them. It builds up a much better colour for me as this product is very pigmented. 

And finally we have the NYX Stay Matte but not Flat foundation which at first I remained fairly on the fence about, it was nice but that was kind of it, that was until I tried it with my Sleek CC Cream....! So I bought the wrong shade in the cc cream which was fine when I was a little more tanned, now Ive gone back to pasty pale it's just a tad too dark so I thought I would mix a little of this NYX foundation and boom, glorious coverage that still leaves me looking a little dewy and not TOO matte! Love it!! 

There we have my monthly favourites, what are yours?


  1. Ooooh The Body Shop skin care products sound incredible - I think my skin needs some!! :D

    1. Seriously, they have some really great bits!xx